Ramadan & Makeup


Ramadan kareem to everyone! I hope everyone's doing great in this second day of Ramadan, that all of you are in great spirits insh'Allah^^ As for me, things are fine, alhamdulillah, I'm hangin' in there hehe

So I'm coming to you with a special subject, that is makeup. I know it's a little bit touchy, some people frown upon wearing makeup during Ramadan, others hate it all year round. Here's my opinion: it doesn't hurt as long as you keep it simple and clean. 

During Ramadan, you may look a little bit worn out from the fasting, the lack of sleep, especially since days are longer and hotter in the summer. Makeup can help you conceal all that and make you look awake and alive again =)

To me, the easiest way to a naturally fresh, dewy face, is the 'no makeup makeup' technique, which consists in concealing here and bringing light there. "Less is more" is definitely the motto here!

Let's take a look at a few celebrity pictures for inspiration=)

 Glowy skin, barely there makeup...looks like she just woke up=)