2014 Ramadan Recap


Let me start off wth a big, fat Eid Mubarak! Wish you a blessed and perfect day with your loved ones, filled with good food and love, iA!

So, Ramadan literally flew by, and it's over. I'm a bowl of mixed emotions. I'm both happy and nervious to go back to the regular schedule. I felt emotional at the thought of breaking the fast for the last time last night! May Allah give us the opportunity to experience many more Ramadans iA!

How did the month go for you? It went so smoothly for me, it's amazing. I hardly felt any difficult throughout the days. Some were longer than others, I would feel a bit hungry and weary around iftar time, but nothing major. I wasn't so concerned with the hunger, but more wth the lack of sleep, and how it would reflect on my mood.

Thankfully, I didn't experience the emotional rollercoaster. I'm glad to say that my mood was equal the whole time, which was part of my Ramadan plan :) Speaking of which, I'm happy to report that most of my goals were met! Alhamdulillah, the month was a worry-free, a anxiety-free one! Allah allowed me to keep it cool, calm and positive. The one thing I need to work more on is, concentration. Hopefully, I'll get there by next Ramadan.

Of course, the month was tainted by the sad events ocurring in the Middle East, as well as Burma, the Central African Republic and other places. May Allah SWT ease their burden, liberate them fro the yoke of their oppressors. May He give the victims the highest stations in Jannah, close to Him, SWT. Ameen.

Ramadan things I'll miss
The Fulani uncles I broke the fast with @ work
 Famly iftars
Dates & cream
The extra taqwa
My Pakistani neighbour's awesome food
 My Morrocan neighbour's warm kindness
Not exercising
The religious shows on Senegalese TV channels

How was your Ramadan?

Objectif Ramadan 2014

Salam les filles !

J'espère que tout le monde se porte bien ! De mon côté, tout va bien, alhamdulillah. J'ai un emploi du temps de ministre, mais ça fait du bien d'être active !

Le Ramadan, c'est pour (très) bientôt. Du coup, je me suis dit qu'il était temps de : 1. me faire un petit programme pour le mois de Ramadan ; 2. le partager avec vous. En fait, je trouve que le concept du blog est intéressant : je peux garder une trace écrite de mes objectifs, de ceux qui ont été atteints et de ceux sur lesquels je dois plus travailler.

Trêve de blabla, on passe à la liste !

1. Rester calme. Ça tombe bien, j'ai  rédigé un article sur le sujet tout récemment T.T. Ces temps-ci, je me suis trouvée un peu agacée dans certains situations, donc il faut que je mette en pratique mes conseils ! Que mes sentiments soient justifiés ou non, je veux m'en débarrasser avant même qu'ils n'émergent.

2. Maîtriser le laisser-aller. J'ai un esprit assez vif. Avoir beaucoup d’imagination, c'est bien. Trop réfléchir et imaginer des scénarios catastrophe, c'est épuisant et stressant. Pour apprendre à nager, il faut d'abord apprendre à se détendre. Donc ce Ramadan, j'ai décidé de me concentrer sur l'instant présent et lâcher prise.

3. Rechercher le savoir. Le Ramadan, c'est l'occasion rêvée pour développer ses connaissances religieuses. Etant donné mon emploi du temps chargé, je pense me cantonner à un seul livre : Jésus dans la tradition soufie de Faouzi Skali, qui avait attiré mon attention.

4. Po-si-ti-ver. Ces temps-ci, je me suis surprise à ressentir --et à exprimer-- des sentiments négatifs. Psychologiquement parlant, c'est fatiguant et ça rend une journée médiocre encore moins sympa. Ce mois-ci, je veux en profiter pour mettre fin à ce cercle vicieux et avoir la positive attitude.

5. Me tenir éloignée du fromage. Ca a l'air idiot comme ça, mais la petite Française que je suis s'en tient un peu trop près. Le fromage, c'est bon pour la santé, mais il faut pas exagérer non plus. C'est le moment idéal  pour mettre fin à ma gourmandise iA :)

My 2014 Ramadan Plan

Salams lovelies!

I hope everything's fine with everyone :) Allhamdulillah, I've been doing well, dealing with a hectic schedule. Busy is good though, it's a nice change to be out and about!

Ramadan is right around the corner, so I figured it's about time that I a. come up with a Ramadan Plan, b. share it with you! I find that blogging is great for these Ramadan series of mine: I can document my journey and keep track of everything, that way I know what I've achieved and what I need to work more on.

Enough blabbering, here's a list of a few things I want to focus on this year iA.

1. Letting go of anger. Ahem. I know. My last post is about how I deal with frustration. I guess I need a taste of my own medecine, because I caught myself feeling more irritated that I would like over a few situations. Whether it is justified or not, I want to suppress these feelings even before they come to the surface.

2. Letting go. My mind is constantly racing. A vast imagination can be a good thing. The thing is, I have a tendency to over-analyze and conjecture, which is exhausting, and anxiety-triggering. Morrocans say "relax and learn to swim". This Ramadan, I want to embody the motto, focus on the moment and go with the flow inshaAllah.

3. Seeking knowledge. Of course, the month is a great opportunity for learning. With such a tight schedule, I want to focus on one book. I've had my eyes on Faouzi Skali's Jésus Dans La Tradition Soufie, or Jesus In the Sufi Tradition, for a while, so that will be the perfect time to read it.

4. Keeping it positive. These days, I've found myself dealing with negative feelings, and expressing them -- i.e. complaining :/. Channeling negative energy is mentally draining, and makes a bad situation even worse. This Ramadan, I want to curb that and look out for the silver lining in every cloud :)

5. Giving cheese a break. As silly as it may sound, the French girl in me likes to have her cheese close by, maybe a little too close :). Cheese has many health benefits, but over-indulging isn't good either. This month, I want to curb those cravings.

How I Deal With Anger

 Someone cuts in line while you were waiting for hours to pay.
You get pushed around by a rough commuter during rush hour.
Some ignoramus pops out of nowhere to give you a rude comment.

We've all been through this. Anger and frustration are part of our daily lives. You see, yours truly isn't the quiet, calm kind. I'm -- sadly -- much of a hot-headed lady. However, with God's help, I've been able to work on my character and calm me nerves! Here are a few tips that have helped me.

1. It's okay to be mad. We all have some sense of what's right and wrong. So naturally, we feel frustration in the face of injustice. The problem happens when we voice our frustration in ways that are displeasing to Allah and could bring us trouble.

2. It's kind of a good thing. Being upset is usually a good indication of people's state. We tend to think that aggressive, loud people are not, but I see them as being emotional. This tenderheartness just needs to be redirected towards something positive.

3. Don't let the dunya fool you. Society/the madia tends to portray aggressive people as self-reliant and strong. We've seen countless movies revolving around a guy trying to avenge his daughter's/son's/wife's brutal death. We're always reminded that "nice guys finish last", "it's a dog-eat-dog world", "survival of the fittest"...
If we don't act "hard", we're weak and submissive. Our tradition taught us that true strenght is self-control, and aggresiveness is weakness. Our beloved Prophet said: "The strong man is not the one who can throw another down. The strong man is the one who can keep hold of himself when he is angry". 

4. Don't let your nafs rule. In a argument, outwardly, it may seem like one person is opposing anther. This is not entirely accurate, it's you versus your nafs. If you give in to anger, you're surrendering to your urges. Human beings have lower desires, they must be controlled and channeled. You ride the horse, the horse does not ride you.

5. How should I act in a tense situation? An important thing for me is to remain silent. Do not speak! Leave the place of the argument if you can. Go make wudhu, as anger is from Shaytan and water will extinguish its flames.

OOTD -- La simplicité, y'a que ça d'vrai !

Salam les filles :)

Avant toute chose, faut savoir un truc à mon sujet : la simplicité, c'est mon dada. Le T-shirt blanc et le jean, c'est mon uniforme. Le jour où j'ai porté cette tenue, il faisait beau et bon, mais pas au point de sortir en T-shirt.

J'ai ce pull acheté pendant les soldes d'hiver, j'adore le corsage, la coupe évasée et le "col roulé" différent de ceux qu'on voit habituellement.


J'ai ressorti du placard ma jupe droite de chez Maysaa. Pour casser le côté un peu sérieux de la tenue, j'ai ajouté la chemise de bûcheron, dont j'ai remonté le col et les manches. Ensemble, le pull et la jupe forment le couple parfait. Résultat : une tenue relax et décente, un peu comme celle-là. J'ai ajouté une veste en jean, pour apporter un peu de structure et me tenir chaud :).


J'ai choisi des ballerines pour le côté pratique, et un sac en velours/cuir, qui se marie bien avec les tons bruns de le tenue.

Pour ce qui est du hijab, j'ai fait ce turban-ci.