2017 Ramadan Recap

Salams, salams :)

Hope everyone's doing great and has had a great Ramadan! I have, and I've been pretty good. I usually give a recap right at the end of Ramadan, but the benefit of a belated report is that it allows to see how changes are carried out during a regular month. 

This Ramadan, I've been able to focus on my beeswax. Literally, minding my business and go about my day. Work, pray, eat, sleep, in that order. Similarly, I got rid of the bad thoughts polluting my mind. I just kept focusing on my daily tasks. 

I'm also happy to report that I've let go! When stressful situations would arise, I would remind myself to just trust God's plan and stop worrying. I still felt a little stressed out at times, but I realized, whatever my state, the outcome would be the same anyways.

Another good thing was, I was adamant about healthy eating, especially during the first three weeks of Ramadan. Because I was abroad the last days of Ramadan, things were a bit more difficult to monitor. But things went well overall.

When it comes to the readings, I was so caught up with daily occupations, I barely had time to read.

Once the month was over, I tried to keep up with my Ramadan resolutions, with some success, and difficulty, y'all know Shaytan is out. However, I found that life is not so different in and outside of Ramadan. I still experience fatigue, sickness once in a while and I strive to keep a positive outlook regardless. I try to relax and turn to God regardless. Whatever situation I'm in, I make a conscious effort to keep things afloat. So if you work towards a better you, everyday is Ramadan. 

So I'll keep on working towards my desired quiet, peaceful, fulfilled life iA.

Wassalams. :)

Objectif Ramadan 2017

On dirait que c'est bientôt le moment...

... le moment du Ramadan *danse de la joie* ! Sans rire, c'est un de mes moments préférés de l'année. Depuis quelques temps, j'utilise ce mois sacré pour améliorer certains aspects aspects de ma vie. Je vais reprendre là où je me suis arrêtée l'an dernier.

Se concentrer sur ce qui compte

Une des raisons pour lesquelles j'adore le mois de Ramadan, c'est le fait qu'on se concentre uniquement sur ce qui compte. On s'occupe de l'essentiel ; on ne prête aucune importance au reste. Malheureusement, je me rends compte que je consacre de l'énergie à des choses qui sont tout sauf importantes. Ça fait des années que je me suis penchée sur ce problème, je pense que je dois bosser encore un peu ;) C'est pas facile parce que c'est un mécanisme qui se déclenche automatiquement, mais ça vaut la peine d'essayer. Alors, cette année, si Dieu me le permet, je veux continuer à œuvrer dans ce sens.

My 2017 Ramadan Plan

Well well, ain't it this time of year again? 

If you haven't guessed it already, I'm referring to Ramadan *performs happy dance*! It's legit one of my favorite times of the year. Throughout the years, I've used this blessed month to work on areas of my life that could be improved. I'm starting where I left off last Ramadan.

One of the reasons why I love Ramadan so much is because you only focus on what matters. You just cater to your essential needs, and the rest goes out the door. And it just makes everything so easy! Unfortunately, I still find that I'm putting energy on unnecessary things. It's a problem I've been tackling for a few years now, but I guess it needs a  bit more work! It's difficult and pervasive, but it's definitely worth making the effort. So this year, if God allows me, I want to continue working towards that goal.

Lutte contre le froid -- Ma boisson préférée

Salam les filles ! Maintenant qu'on a une gorge saine, on peut profiter d'une boisson agréable, idéale pour la saison et qui nous aide à assainir encore plus notre gosier.

Mesdames, je vous donne le thé au gingembre, ou ginger, comme on l'appelle chez moi. Certains l'appellent aussi grog, je crois. Les ingrédients principaux sont le citron, le gingembre et le miel, qui sont connus pour leurs propriétés anti-bactériennes, anti-fongiques, apaisantes et boosteuses pour le système immunitaire.

A vrai dire, je connaissais pas cette boisson avant que ma mère n'en fasse. Depuis, dès que ça se rafraîchit, on en trouve toujours chez moi. Que quelqu'un soit malade ou en prévention, y'en a toujours ; c'est comme ça qu'on combat les rhumes chez moi !

Laissez tremper les citrons dans de l'eau et du vinaigre pendant 15 mn

Curb That Cold PT II -- My Favorite Winter Drink

Salam, guys! Now that we've cleansed our throat, we can drink something that's not only tasty and season-appropriate, but also complementary to our previous work.

Ladies and gents, I give you... ginger tea, or ginger, as we call it at home. It may also be known as grog. The three main ingredients are lemon, ginger and honey, which are renowned for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, soothing, immune-system boosting properties. 

I wasn't familiar with it until a few years back, my mom made some. Since then, whenever the weather gets chillier, you'll find some on the stove. Whether someone's sick, or as a preventative measure, it's there. This is how we beat the flu!