2013 Ramadan Recap

Salam ladies!

Let's wish each other a happy belated Eid! Hopefully, you've enjoyed quality food with quality people. I pray that we've had a great month, with lessons and blessings to take with us as we try and survive the rest of the year.

Dates & cream +  North African pastries +  Mauritanian tea  / good food and love

Now, how fast Ramadan went by!

I genuinely enjoyed this month. Of course, apart from the hunger and thirst I experienced, I went through different emotions at times, but I've been able to keep thing under control. Not only have I not found it difficult, I actually found a sweetness in it. I've been able to perform under tough conditions sometimes, which would make me react differently in other circumstances, but alhamdulillah, I've kept it together. Of course, I slipped here and there, but I take it as a lesson learned.

Another thing Ramadan has taught me is humility. You wouldn't believe what a little food does to the man. Only a well-fed person can puff up and put up airs, when you're without food, you can't even pretend! I was fasting once outside of Ramadan, an acquaintance saw my face and thought I was sick! It's a time during which our frailty becomes so blatant. When you're food-deprived, you tend to be a little more worn out and fragile. When iftar time strikes, three dates and a glass of water, and you're "back to yourself". So I found that not eating forced me into humility: we can't be as important as we think when we are so dependent on external things.