What's your real name? 
My real name is Dieynaba. I inherited it from my great-grandmother.

Does it have a specific meaning?
It is derived from the Arabic name Zainab, one of the Prophet's beloved daughter. So Dieynaba = Zainab.

What's your ethnicity?
I'm 100% black, of Mauritanian descent.

What are your hair and skin types?
I have darker skin -- I'm an NC45 in MAC. My skin is normal to combination. My hair type is 4a/b according to Andre Walker’s hair type classification system.

Where is Mauritania?
Mauritania is in the northwest coast of Africa. It's right between Morocco and Senegal, facing the Atlantic Ocean :)

Where do you live?
I live in France, near Paris. Born and raised :)

Your English is excellent. Where did you learn to speak so well?
Strangely enough, English has always been my thing, as long as I could remember, even before studying it. I guess my love for the language increases as I get older.

How many languages do you speak?
French is my mother tongue, I speak Fulani (an African dialect) fluently, I was taught English & Spanish at school and I'm currently learning Arabic. That's 5 languages -- more like 4 and a half, really :)

Why is your blog in English?
I thought it would be a great way to practice, reach a larger audience, and communicating in English is always a pleasure. Please note that the blog now has a French section, so that French-speaking sisters can have access to upcoming posts inchaAllah.

What are your religious views?
I'm a Muslim, follower of the Tijani Way and student of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse. Disclaimer: my personal preferences do not prevent me from appreciating each and everyone of you, differences and all :)

What is the state of Islam in France?
As Sweeney Todd's Mrs Lovett would say, times is hard. Very strict policies are enforced, especially when it comes to Islam. Ignorance and misunderstandings plague the French society. Racist/anti-Islam attacks are on the rise. However, today's French Muslims are more diligent, organized, and in love with their religion.

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