Musical Crush + Style Inspiration


This post is going to be about Janelle Monae.

I love her music. I find it to be really original and different, I don't think you can even classify it. It's like a breath of fresh air, and the music industry is in DIRE need of it! It's so hard nowadays to find quality songs without trashy lyrics and crappy, overheard music. So Mach'Allah=)

 Amazing features, great makeup, great song^^

I like her style, which I find very interesting. She rocks that rockabilly look in a smart way I think. The clothes may seem tomboyish, but you can notice the cuts are feminine, it's not overdone either. So she has the 5O's look without looking like a pin-up, which is something we've seen for a while now.

Something I noticed is that she is quite modest. Everytime I saw her, her whole body was covered, her shirt collar even goes to her neck. This is great for hijabis, especially for me, since I'm currently looking for a way to wear hijab with shirts with the collar showing AND without it looking dorky=)

Here are a few looks that I find cute and work appropriate (you might want to let go of the bow-tie though)

Reactions To The Hijab...Am I Tripping?


I've been wearing hijab for a few months now, and there has definitely been reactions to the change.

Good and bad. More bad than good, as I expected. But I have to say some I didn't expect at all, or rather some reactions I didn't expect from some people. Read RELATIVES. Here are some comments I've heard for the past few weeks...

'What's that thing on your head?' [while grincing]

'What's this? So you're a mujahada now?' [with fear in the eyes]

'So you cover now? You know you won't be able to wear make up anyone, don't you?'

'Do you want to look old?'

'Were you forced to wear it?'

'[Relative] What kind of new trend is this?
 [Me] This I call the Islamic trend [with a smile]
 [Me] Where is so-and-so? I just saw him, he didn't come to say hi
[Relative] Well, he probably didn't recognize you with this thing on your head' [laughs heartily]

Happy New Year=)


I would like to wish you all a happy new year. Insh'Allah 2011 will bring you the bliss and happiness you deserve!

I usually try to avoid these new year resolutions that I hardly keep up with throughout the year but I've made some, and this time around with God's help and dedication, I shall suceed=)

Here it goes...

I'd like to be healthier. I'll try to drink more water- at least 6 a day, and eat less using the Prophet's recommendation: 1/3 food, 1/3 drink, 1/3 air.

Beauty wise, I want to be consistent with my haircare, i. e. mosturizing daily, washing and conditioning my hair biweekly. I haven't noticed any growth or improvement in my hair for a long time now, so some work needs to be done here.

I'll try to be more serious with the skincare: removing ALL makeup before hitting the bed, using a mask and scrub, moisturizing properly. I definitely need to treat my skin like fine silk, the same goes for bodycare also.

Now, about the Deen, I wish to wake up for Fajr ON TIME. Subhanallah, I always seem to wake up 15 mn- or even later than that- for Fajr. I'll keep doing my daily wirds, litanies I do after Fajr and Icha. I'll also try to renew wudu' systematically and learn more ayats insh'Allah.

Here are my resolutions. I think these are achievable goals, hopefully, I'll make it^^ 

What are your resolutions for 2011?

Hijab & Winter

Salam ladies^^

I've always found that winter is an interesting season. I kinda like the cold and the warmth it. However, dressing up can be a little challenging, especially for hijabis.

So how do we look modest, cute and warm in the wind, the cold and the snow? Well, I've got some tips which might be helpful=)

  • Get yourself some boots. They are key items to your winter wardrobe. The legs and feet are areas of the body that really cold, and boots definitely provide some warmth. Plus, it allows to walk in the snow more easily. I suggest getting boots with little to no heels, you don't want to turn into James Brown when the floor gets all slippery. Pair them with a long sweater and skinny jeans and you'll be good to go!
I like how these boots mimic the hunting style=)

My personal favourite. I think these are full of character.