November Favorites

Salams :)

MsDieynaba here, coming at you with my favorites for the past month. Interesting fact: none of them is beauty or fashion-related. This post is more of a cultural one, cause I'm intellectual like that. :p

Those who have been following me for a while know that I'm a history freak. Anything history, I tear up! A French channel came up with Sous Les Jupons De L'Histoire, a show dealing with the lives of French female figures. Here's the twist: it is done in the form of a magazine, covering topics like popular beauty, fashion, and food trends of the time. 

I love history and would watch any show under the sun, but I admit that they can get boring sometimes. This show is similar to Horrible Histories and The Supersizers in that they present historical events in a light, original way. I think people who aren't history-savvy would enjoy this.

I've been watching every single episode of this show, I'm just waiting for them to come out with new ones :)