Salam :)

Je blogue aujourd'hui pour vous parler d'un truc spécial :)

Dès mes débuts dans la blogosphère, j'ai partagé avec vous mes kiffs dans la catégorie "Musical Crush". Dans cette section, j'ai mentionné un certain Baraka Blue, ici et .

Devinez qui sera de passage en France début avril ? Dans le cadre de sa tournée en Grande-Bretagne, M. Blue sera présentà Paris pour un dîner-conférence.
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Girl, Where'd You Get That From?

The Bangladesh factory collapse. The Scarlet/Oxfam/SodaStream situation. The L'Oreal BBR affair. Ringing any bells?

These events perfectly illustrate the dilemma I'm facing. Lately, I've been thinking about the beauty products I buy. Who is making them? Under which circumstances? Are the employees manufacturing my product working in good conditions? Do they get the minimum wage? 

What about the brand? Do they really care about their workforce? Their customers? Where does their money come from? Where is it going?

What's the real cost of beauty?

Do I even care? The answer is, yes. I do care. I want the people making whatever products I put on myself to be treated well. I don't want to give money to companies for them to support causes I oppose. I don't want companies putting derogatory/negative messages out there to thrive.

Otherwise, I'll end up with a product devoid of baraka, that might bring more harm than good. Sure, I'll look good. But at what expense?

La guerre des savons

Salam les filles :) 

Ne faites pas attention au titre, je devais me sentir d'humeur belliqueuse le jour où je l'ai trouvé :)

A un moment donné, allez savoir pourquoi, j'ai développé un intérêt (une légère obsession) pour les savons. Et puis, j'ai découvert les savons exfoliants. Ils lavent, font la peau douce et nous débarrassent des vilaines peaux mortes, qui dit mieux ? Trois savons ont particulièrement attiré mon attention.

Voilà la bête

Battle of the Soaps

*Post originally written in April 2013

Salams :)

Please excuse the rather adventurous title, I couldn't  help myself :)

As you might have noticed, I blog more and more about beauty these days. I guess I wanted a break from my run-of-the-mill, boring OOTDs -- which I'm going to return to soon, iA. Also, some brands I decided to put aside, and I had to find remplacements for them, so that means more testing.

Among products, I developed an interest -- more like obsession -- with soaps. Then, I discovered exfoliating soaps. What's better than a 3-in-1 product that leave your skin clean, soft and exfoliated? A few products caught my attention, I tried them out and wanted to share my experiment with you :)

 The three fiends!