Musical Crush

Hey everyone=)

MsDieynaba here, with another music-related post.

This is Mademoiselle K and Zazie's song, Me Taire, Te Plaire. I stumbled across this video the other day, I loved it right away! Interestingly enough, I didn't care that much for these artists before, although they're renowned here. Allah is teaching me a lesson: do not think you know when you don't. I'm currently broadening my scope=)

Also, I finally decided to check out Yuna's music. Indonesians seem to be crazy about her, whether it's her music, her style, and I can see why=) Fashion-wise, Yuna's an inspiration for hijabis like me, that are young and willing to keep their look cute, modern and modest.

Same with her music, I know I'm late on that, but the music's good, it's very romantic, soothing.

 Love the sadness in that song

Good cover of Nirvana's song!