Books & I

Salam :)

I thought I'd come at you a different kind of post. Today, we're taking a break from hijabs and beauty products to talk about books :)

Although I confess my love for music, I find that books are fulfulling in other ways -- listening to tunes makes my life more colorful, while books allow me to escape from everyday, boring life while enjoying good stories.

Reading was amongst my favorite things to do as a kid, I remember being so curious about the world and excited to discover new things. I used to read from all kinds of texts and formats, from novels to comics and magazines, even from dictionaries!

As I got older, I got to combine my love for languages & books. To me, there's nothing like reading one in its "mother tongue". Just like watching movies in their original version, you get every subtlety that give the book its sparkle :) English books make up a third of my bookshelf, I might own 4-5 Spanish books, the rest is in French.

My favorite things to read are history, sci-fi, tales and literature. I also enjoy learning about the deen -- these days, I'm really into anything spirituality/philosophy-related, which is ironic since I used to hate philosophy classes in high school!