4 Beauty Favorites

Salam :)

It's been ages since I blogged about beauty products - I'm actually wondering if I've ever blogged about beauty products, to be honest :) When it comes to cosmetics, things are pretty much straightforward: I buy it, try it out, keep it or toss it. Also, when I like a product, I tend to stick with it, so there is little room for discovery or experimentation. However, a few weeks ago, a few products have piqued my interest, and they turned out to be so awesome that I want to share them with you :)


OOTD -- Two Collars In One

Salam ladies :)

I'm a girl of simple tastes, that applies to clothing as well. Before hijab, I wore white tee and jeans so much you'd thought it was a uniform! Although I still dig simplicity, the fun of experimenting and trying new things is growing on me :) So what I'm looking for nowadays are simple, easy outfits with a kick, paying attention to details.

I have a thing for collars, from turtlenecks to mandarine collars, I love the versatility and crisp look they can bring to an outfit. I thought, the more you wear, the better :) The turtleneck was a little plain jane to me, so I added the shirt underneath, with the bottom of it and the collar showing.