Ramadan & Makeup


Ramadan kareem to everyone! I hope everyone's doing great in this second day of Ramadan, that all of you are in great spirits insh'Allah^^ As for me, things are fine, alhamdulillah, I'm hangin' in there hehe

So I'm coming to you with a special subject, that is makeup. I know it's a little bit touchy, some people frown upon wearing makeup during Ramadan, others hate it all year round. Here's my opinion: it doesn't hurt as long as you keep it simple and clean. 

During Ramadan, you may look a little bit worn out from the fasting, the lack of sleep, especially since days are longer and hotter in the summer. Makeup can help you conceal all that and make you look awake and alive again =)

To me, the easiest way to a naturally fresh, dewy face, is the 'no makeup makeup' technique, which consists in concealing here and bringing light there. "Less is more" is definitely the motto here!

Let's take a look at a few celebrity pictures for inspiration=)

 Glowy skin, barely there makeup...looks like she just woke up=)

A bit more makeup here, with eyeshadow on the lid,
defined crease, highlighted browbone and pinkish lips

Slightly heavier makeup application, note the pink cheeks and nudish lips

Flawless, luminous skin, a wash of color on the lid and glossy lips

I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite, I like all these looks. Here are my tips for a fresh face=)

1. Lack of sleep usually means dark, puffy undereyes. To counteract this, use a concealer with light-reflecting particles or one that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Conceal other imperfections like you normally would.

2. For a more natural-looking face, you can use a tinted moisturizer or a medium coverage liquid foundation, instead of heavy duty foundation.

3. Once you're done, set it all with a light hand, otherwise, the face will be too powdery.

4. If needed, lightly fill in your brows and comb them through for a more natural look. That way, they will nicely frame your eyes and will give them a younger look.

5. To brighten the eye area, highlight your browbone and eye inner corner with a white (cool skin tones)/beige (warmer skin tones).

6. To open your eyes more, curl your lashes and put one coat of mascara.

7. Some people are naturally fair-skinned and/or get paler when fasting. In that case, put a tiny bit of blush.

8. Also, tinted lipbalm will give some color to your lips without being loud. Clear lipblam will do too=)

There you have it ladies=) I would recommend this method to those who want to look presentable for work/school without overdoing it. I know I've used these tips when working as an intern during Ramadan '09 and boy, did they help!

Would you wear makeup during Ramadan? If so, what would you wear? Please tell me, I want to know everything=)

Pictures are from music videos: No Doubt - Underneath It All; Shy'm - Tourne; Rihanna - California King Bed; Beyonce - Best Thing I've Ever Had


LaiLa said...

I like the "no makeup makeup" technique or the natural makeup :), I have read that makeup in ramadan or using other kinds of creams isn't haram, because it's all superficially so it don't come into the body and not break the fast. and as you said it can help you to conceal all the lack of sleep ...
Nice post at all. and good tips!

PS: thanks for posting a coment on my blog! :D

MsDieynaba said...

Thank you=)

As for makeup, I was referring to the fact that, to some people, wearing makeup outside the house/in the presence of non-Maharams- is haram, because you shouldn't 'beautify' yourself for others to see, etc. I can understand their opinion, but I beg to differ=)

I like your blog, you create nice looks, and it allows me to work on my Spanish=)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

I am using no makeup in Ramadan .Other wise I am makeup junkie.Thanks for such a nice post :)

Lovely blog.Keep it up.

Follow me.

Your new follower .

MsDieynaba said...

Thank you for ctepping by and saying hi=)