Empties Pt. II


Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel
This product was given to me during a trip to Lush, good surprise! Even though I still use them from time to time, I feel like conventional shower gels don't rinse well/fast enough. I also suspect them of leaving a residue, faking nourished skin without hydrating it for realz -- yes, I'm a 90s baby :). As a result, I turned to soap as a faster, healthier alternative and leave the gels for occasional use. This one is a nice one. It's pretty liquid-y, lathers well, and smells like jasmin. My skin is pretty soft after using this. Price-wise, I wouldn't say it's that pricey considering the ingredients are pretty clean -- it's $9.99 for 100 ml (3.3 fl oz). It's a pretty good product which I'd purchase.