Dealing With Hardship Pt II - Feel-Good Moments

Salams :)

As some of you may know, I posted this blog featuring a few tips on how to cope with hard times. This post was the first of a series on that topic. Today, I'd like to discuss ways to divert from problems and trigger positive thinking through easy methods.

One of the ways to do just that is to think about the small things. Paying attention to the details, the things that oftentimes go unnoticed, but brighten your day. Sometimes, we feel so burdened by our problems that negativity is all we can see. To the point where we ignore the simplest things, which may not seem like much, but when lined up, make life worth living - so cheesy, but so true. 

Some people see happiness as something linked to social status, money, material things, "I'll be happy when I have this/when I achieve that..." What if you don't make it? What if Allah SWT takes you before you get to where you wanted to be in life? Don't get me wrong, dreams and aspirations aren't bad, but happiness doesn't necessarily depend on them.

 India did said it all

To see whether this thing is accurate or not, I tried and thought of the little things I was grateful for. Surprisingly, I came up with a bunch of feel-good moments, which are listed below.

OOTD -- Gloomy Days

Hey ladies!

Today's blog is an OOTD blog - I can hear you screaming and jumping up and down in excitement ;)

These pictures were taken a while back. The weather wasn't summery at all, more like gloomy and rainy. I opted for something casual and comfy, as you should expect of me.

I picked a long tee and added a sweater for warmth. I liked the contrast of the teal against the purply blue. To compliment the light color blocking and to tie the look together, I opted for a colorful scarf. Jeans and sneakers are for convenience :)



Hope you like! See you soon!

Musical Crush


I'm coming at you with a musical crush today! It's been a while, but I finally came up with a few songs that want to share with you :)

This one I discovered a while back. This is a cover of Frank Ocean 's song by the lovely Yuna, and from what I've heard, it has reached a certain popularity. I like how she she stayed true to the song, but brought her own vibe to it at the same time.

Been humming to it all Ramadan :)

We're not done with her yet! I came across a remix of her song "Someone Out Of Town". I usually resent remixes, I feel like either they don't bring anything new to the table or the song is rearranged to the point where you forget where it's from. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the remix!  It had the beauty of Yuna's track plus an extra kick, perfect balance :)