OOTD -- Pastel Love

Hello lovely readers :)

I'm back with an OOTD -- I know it's been a while :)

The former days were warm, which was really enjoyable, especially since I hadn't adjusted to the French weather quite yet. I pulled out the light summer carrot pants, which I had bought for our trip. Although the cut is pretty loose, I still wanted a longer top. I picked a high-low oversize sweater, which is perfect, since it compliments the shape of the pants while providing some coverage where it's needed :)

I'm Back!

Salams everyone!

I'm finally back home! I feel like it's been centuries since I last blogged -- it might be the case :)

This trip has been such a blessing. I took a much needed break from daily life, got out of my cave, and changed environments.

My family & I stayed in capital city Nouakchott, but we also travelled south, as far as northern Senegal, to visit my grandparents.

Last time I went to West Africa, I was 10. It has changed a bit, but for the most part, it has remained the same. I've found all that I loved so much back then. I also found new things to be excited about. Senegal was a first for me, I loved it, and I can't wait to go back and explore the country some more.

I've been able to enjoy food, clothes, music and life à l'africaine. But what really made it all worth it was the people. Whether I knew them a long time before, or we had just met, these are relations that will last a long time iA and create beautiful memories :')

I came back with a bunch of things, and I have some I want to share with you!

First, go to my playlist aka the soundtrack of the trip to get in the mood!