Hijab & Theme Parks

Salam ladies!

I don't know about you, but it's getting warmer and warmer in France, today it's about 26°C. To me,  it screams theme parks! I'm kinda  of a big kid, and theme parks are so much fun=) I'm actually going to Disneyland tomorrow and I thought of what a hijabi should wear in this context. So I came up with an attire that'll keep you comfy, cool and modest while riding crazy rollercoasters!

Let's start with the clothes.

I would recommend choosing 'sturdy-fabric clothes' for convenience. Also, I'd avoid long maxi-dresses and skirts, they might be convenient when running errands, but the flowiness (did I just make up a word out of nowhere? LOL) can be out of control, and next thing you know, you legs get all exposed =/ 

cardi + top + pants/jeans 
jean jacket + top + pants/jeans
longer top + pants/jeans
= winning combo

Personally, I wanted an outfit that is airy and comfy at the same time, so I opted for loose clothing.

Khaki military shirt, loose straight jeans, short-sleeved white tee

I love this shirt, the olive/khaki color's great. I also like that, although it's loose, the detailing on the shoulders give some structure. I plan on wearing these pants as boyfriend jeans, with the back rolled up a tiny bit. And I added a white cotton tee because I'm a white tee kinda person=)

 Scarf, tan belt, tan bag and nude flats

I suggest selecting comfy shoes, there'll be a lot of walking involved. For the bag, choose a crossover bag that is securely closed, you don't want to lose your stuff on these rides!

On to the hijab!

You want to pick a scarf that is light, but long and preferably rectangular, because you'll be able to layer but still be cool. When it comes to the 'folding', I'd avoid hijab looks that require any volume at the back, because on some rides, your head must be 'stuck' at the back of the seat, and if you have a bun or a knot in the back, you won't be confortable. My advice is that you do a low ponytail and choose a casual hijab look.

Here's the one I plan to use:

Now, the face.

We want to look cute without trying too hard and getting into smokey eyes and whatnot. I was inspired by Michelle Phan. I think this look is really smart, the only thing I'd ditch though are the three little dots and the falsies.

There you go ladies! I hope this will benefit to someone Insh'Allah=)


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Thank you so much! I was looking for a way to have a light, yet covering outfit and hijab for a theme park I'm going to with my friends.