Styling Urban Clothes


I haven't done one of these long posts in a while, even though they're some work, I enjoy doing them. So when co-blogger Asma asked me how I'd style an outfit with sneakers, I thought it'd be the perfect occasion to blog :) I thought about the whole idea, and decided to extend it to urban clothing in the broader sense.

I love street style, whether it be hoodies, sneakers, or baggie jeans. I like how it can give an outfit a casual vibe, attitude or even sassiness, depending on what you're going for. In this blog, I'll select street items and show you how I wear them. Let's get started :)

1. The hoodie. Convenient, casual and oh-so comfy :) To me, hoodie sweaters are the epitome of street wear, but they can be toned down into a casual look.

Khaki jacket, grey hoodie sweater, bootcut jeans, boots

To me, hoodies look their best paired with a jacket. It gives that layered look, which is great to add warmth and multi-dimension to an outfit. To serve the same purpose, I like adding a loose shirt underneath. As for the lower section of the body, jeans are perfect, and tube skirts are good too. Add sneakers to go 100% casual, or boots for a little bit of height.