Salam ladies=)

This is another OOTD. I went to the 28th Annual French Muslims' Meeting, which took place the past weekend. It showcased anything Islamic-related, from halal food to Muslim charity organizations to modest clothing (yes, I did pick two scarves=). 

There were also conferences and debates, during which scholars and specialists addressed key issues. Tariq Ramadan was there, I attended the 'Islam in France' debate he took part in, very eloquent and to the point, as usual=)

It was a hot, sunny day, and I knew there would be walking involved, so I chose a light and comfy outfit. Also, I wanted someting colorful and spring-like=)

Long sleeve tee, linen pants

Long-sleeved white tees are a staple, especially for hijabis: they go with almost everything and provide covearge for the upper body, and the rear-end too sometimes -- this is the case with this shirt. I also recommend linen pants for the summer, the fabric allows the skin to breathe and they're usually looser that other pants, which makes life easier for us=)

The shape and color of the clothes were pretty basic, I chose colorful accesories to make the outfit a little more interesting.

Hijab & Theme Parks

Salam ladies!

I don't know about you, but it's getting warmer and warmer in France, today it's about 26°C. To me,  it screams theme parks! I'm kinda  of a big kid, and theme parks are so much fun=) I'm actually going to Disneyland tomorrow and I thought of what a hijabi should wear in this context. So I came up with an attire that'll keep you comfy, cool and modest while riding crazy rollercoasters!

Let's start with the clothes.

I would recommend choosing 'sturdy-fabric clothes' for convenience. Also, I'd avoid long maxi-dresses and skirts, they might be convenient when running errands, but the flowiness (did I just make up a word out of nowhere? LOL) can be out of control, and next thing you know, you legs get all exposed =/ 

cardi + top + pants/jeans 
jean jacket + top + pants/jeans
longer top + pants/jeans
= winning combo

Personally, I wanted an outfit that is airy and comfy at the same time, so I opted for loose clothing.

Khaki military shirt, loose straight jeans, short-sleeved white tee

OOTD -- Visiting fam

Blue/green long-sleeve shirt, taupe waterfall cardi, jeans, tan belt and cream scarf

Brown bag and tan flats

Here's one of my favorite outfits, it's so casual, so my style=) 

The weather was wonderful that day, so the last thing I wanted was tight, uncomfy clothes. I picked  up my blue/green shirt, very light, opaque AND long- too bad it's not a little looser though- on which I threw my waterfall cardi, which is great for modesty, since waterfall distracts the eye from the bodyshape. I added the belt and wore it around the waist just to add some structure to the outfit. Since I wanted to go for a warm-undertoned outfit, I chose the bag and flats that are on the picture plus my cream scarf=)

That day, I went to say hi to my mother's friend, whose 29-year-old son has passed away 4 months ago from SCD. Since then, she's not okay, but a more serene and calm now, my family and I try to come over as often as we can and try to get her mind off of negative thoughts. May Allah have mercy on Ismaila's poor soul and accept him into Janna, may He relieve the pain and aching of his mother, ameen.

OOTD -- Going To The Masjid

 Jean jacket, white short-sleeved shirt, black high-waisted maxiskirt, black wedges and scarf

Close up of the shirt.
It has enbroidery on it, little buttons, and two little 'threads' that you can tie, so cute^^

Close up of the scarf. It has this flower-like pattern, and fringes at the end of each side.

So this was my outfit to go to the masjid. The weather was beautiful and quite warm, so I opted for lightweight clothing. I chose to wear my high-waisted maxiskirt because I find it very masjid-appropriate- I like to dress looser and longer for the occasion. I paired it with my scarf and top, which gave the outfit a gypsy, romantic feel. I threw on my jean jacket and wore my black wedges, and voilà=)

Musical Crush


Long time, no blog! This will be another musical crush. These are songs I've been digging these days, they all happen to be French songs ^^

 Elodie Fregé- La Fille de l'Après-Midi

A nice song, that actually came out a while ago. When it did, I overlooked it, thinking it wasn't the type of music I listen to. Well, I'm glad I broadened my scope, it's really good =) Good music, great lyrics, let me tell you, the lyrics are so sophisticated it took me a while to get to their meaning!

Quinze- Tant Besoin de Toi

A French New Soul artist, he's been around for a while now. I love this song, you know I like this genre=)

Oxmo Puccino- J'ai Mal au Mic

Oxmo Puccino, France's Hip Hop's Don is back. I'm obsessed with this song, it's stuck on replay!

There you have it! I'd like for this blog to be interactive and all, so please don't hesitate to comment, give me feedback or even say hi^^

Ramblings + Musical Crush


I hope everyone's doing great.

I've been feeling kinda blue lately. I just can't seem to find me a job, I've been on the hunt for 7 months now and I did not find anything. 7 months and not one job interview, not even a tiny, jacked up one. And of course, there's no dinero, so I spend most of my time at home, trying to get busy doing a few things here and there. I'm sick of it, I think I'm past the disapointment phase, now I'm just indifferent, doing things like I'm MsRoboto.

I guess Allah is trying to give me a lesson in patience. I know He's the Provider, and whatever I'm supposed to have, I'll have, but how long is it going to take? Will I ever find my dream job? Allah u alam.

I've been listening to this song these days. This is the Shakira that I like, rock and raw, instead of barbified and all. The song's good, the music's fine and the lyrics are beautiful. They kinda cheer me up.

Y un dia despues de la tormenta
cuando menos piensas sale el sol
de tanto sumar, pierdes la cuenta
porque uno y uno no siempre son dos
cuando menos piensas, sale el sol