Getting To Know Me Pt III -- 8 Random Things + A Surprise

Salam ladies!

I'm coming at you with a getting-to-know-me kinda post. The two previous parts to this series were fun, and I saw sister Asma came up with a similar one, so I knew I just had to try and think about something new to say LOL. So here are a few things about me =)

1. I could die for cheese! I love it in any type, shape and color! Can you tell how French I am? LOL

2. My sister is afraid of insects, so whenever she sees one, she turns into Godzilla, and I laugh like there's no tomorrow! Her freak-out dance is my favourite entertainment :D

3. My sister's also afraid of monkeys.The other day, she thought she saw one in a Paris train station. She screamed and ran for her life. Of course, the station was crowded, and her crazy reaction didn't go unnoticed. THEN, after all the drama, she found out the monkey was a dog. When she told me the whole story, I was laughing my hijab off!

4. I am slow, I literally move like molasses. When people need 5 minutes to do something, I'll use 10.

5. I'm not really into snacking- crisps, chocolate bars, cookies... I like 'real food'.

6. I'm loud. I like talking loud when I'm home, don't ask why. Neighbours might think I'm arguing when I'm just talking about how I'm going to rock such and such outfit.

7. I love grilled cheese sandwiches. It's crispy, tasty, and the melting cheese just make them perfect!

8. Whenever I want to buy something at the store and I head towards the checkout, I always hesitate between two lines, and I always end up being in the longest.

There you go, 8 random facts about me, don't judge!

Actually, there's a ninth thing that I could tell you about...

I'm not an ad type of person, but I love this one!

What I've Been Up To + OOTD


I know, no time, no blog! It's been ages, and I apologize for not posting anything for more than a month.

I swear I haven't had the time, I was actually busy WORKING^^ I did get a job, not exactly what I expected, but I'm learning new things, I can keep myself busy during the day, and I'm getting pesos! And if you didn't know, more $$$ = more clothes for me + more modest styles for you=)

On to the OOTD!

These days, I'm feeling like trying different things, different looks, and I happened to come across Wendy's video on layering:

I liked the idea of layering, the casual look it gave, so I'd tought I'd give it a shot!

 Long, white tank top, khaki shirt, grey sweater, straight-leg jeans

My First Year As A Hijabi


I know it's been a while, but I've been pretty busy these days! Apologies!

I noticed just the other day that this year marked my first hijab anniversary! I'm exicted, the year happened so fast, it just flew by=) I thought this deserved a little something, so I'd thought I'd share my experience of hijab, from the thinking to the clothing!

A year ago, I was considering covering. I don't even know how that came about, but it did. The first thing I did was making sure it was mandatory, I honestly don't think I would've worn it otherwise. Once this matter was settled, I started thinking.  A thousand questions ran through my mind. Am I really going to do that? What if people see me with it, what will they think of me, what would they say about me? What if no one wants to marry me? What I get sick of it and take it off? I contemplated, debated, gathered opinions here and there, went back and forth with it.

That is until I read a special section of the Prophet's Nightly Journey and Ascension- guess which LOL- and it was a wake-up call! A that very moment, I knew I was going to wear it, and that's what I did from that moment on.

Now, I've had all kinds of reactions to it. Some were surprisingly good, others were really bad. I could divide the remark-makers into two groups: those who encouraged me with kind words, and others always had stupid things to say to me. It just confirmed the opinion I had on them before hijab: it turned out that those I had a good opinion of were the ones who were happy with my decision, and from the others, I didn't expect much. I'm grateful to Allah SWT for showing me things and people as they really are.

Clothes-wise, the change was a little tough. I knew about HATC, Mademoiselle M and Hana Tajima, so I knew I could dress modestly while wearing clothes that I liked. I decided to reorganize my whole wardrobe, separating 'hijab clothes' and 'un-hijab clothes'. I tried to wear hijab-friendly oufits during the first months, since I didn't have long skirts or cardigans. Then, I gradually incorporated more scarves, skirts, and longer tops into my daily looks.

A few things I've noticed about me since hijab

1. I don't really like maxiskirts. LOL this might seem like hijabi blasphemy, but I actually find them to be a little unconveninent and unhygienic. I'd rather wear tunic and jeans.

OOTD -- Something Different


How everything's going? I hope everyone's well InshAllah!

I'm coming at you today with an outfit of the day. I know it's been ages since I last posted one, hopefully you won't be too mad at me :p

I had this old brown dress in my closet for a while. Since I bought it, I wore it a few times, and I kinda neglected it. Well, that was before hijab. I had to get ready the other day, and I remembered that old dress, and I'm so glad I have! The sleeves are the perfect length- not too short, not too long, it hits me right above the knee. Also, it's slightly A-lined, which is more flattering and ideal, and there's a belt included for waist definition. Oh, and it has pockets=)

Brown dress, bootcut jeans, scarf

As usual, I went for a casual outfit, so I opted for dark bootcut jeans, that I rolled up to the ankles for extra coolness. I picked my pink, black and white leopard scarf to bring someting interesting to the whole look.

Getting To Know Me Pt II -- Beauty Edition

Hey ladies=)

I hope everyone's doing great. I'm coming at you today with a different kind of post, i. e. beauty-related. People seemed to like the 'Ramadan & Makeup' post, and I like makeup myself, so I might do more of these in the future insh'Allah=)

The following questions are a tag featuring on YazminAkhtaar's blog. I thought it was kind of fun, and a good way of sharing my makeup habits, so there you go!

How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice- morning with water and toner, evening with face wash.

What skin type do you have? I've been told I have combination skin, but my skin is pretty normal, I guess.

What is your current facial wash? Laroche-Posay's soap for dry/sensitive/dehydrated skin.

Do you exfoliate? Yep=)

What brand do you use? Right now, I use Laroche-Posay's face scrub for dry/sensitive skin, but I find it a bit abrasive. I like St Ives' Apricot scrub a lot better.

What moisturizer do you use? Right now, I use Laroche-Posay's mattifying moisturizer mixed with Argan oil for the daytime. At night, I use Shea butter.

Do you have freckles? Nope, but I think they're cute^^

Do you use eye cream? Shea butter's my eye cream -.-

Do you/did you have acne prone skin? No, I did have oilier skin when I was younger though.

Ramadan Recap Pt II -- What I Read, Saw & Wore


The last post was about my overall feeling for this year's Ramadan. This one is going to be about what I did, and how I lived, during the month.

Books first.

1. The Noble Qur'an. I've never read it in its entirety, I got to about a third of it, but I could already tell it's amazing! I really felt like I had a connection with it, every time I opened the Book to read it, I would always find something for me there. Intellectual and spiritual food, all in one. Insane! This definitely motivated me to try and read it more=)

2. Rubâi'yât by Mevlana Jalal-ud-din Rumi. This book is a collection of quatrains which deal with the author's experiences that have paved his spiritual path. What Rumî talks about in this poem is Love. What can I say, it's for the people of the heart, very inspirational and moving <3

Ramadan Recap

Salam ladies!

Insh'Allah this post will find you in great spirits! I hope everyone's Ramadan went well. Also, Eid mubarak=) May Allah SWT allow to reep the fruits of our fasting and make of the saliheen (someone say ameen ;)

I feel a little bad that I've neglected my bloggie this month, I'd actually thought of publishing Ramadan-related posts similar to the 'Ramadan & Makeup' one, but I honestly had neither the time nor the energy to do that. Still, I wanted to have a little recap of the month, keep you guys posted; 2. to draw conclusions as to how to use Ramadan time more effectively and enjoy it more.

First of all, let me say I didn't meet all my requirements for the month. I think I've had set myself too many goals, and combined with worldly occupations, it was impossible to go through my program. I only completed a third of the Qur'an, and didn't contemplate and cook as much as I wanted.

Also, the lack of sleep and food invariably turned me into Super Lazy Bum. After Maghrib, you can be sure I was either praying/doing zikr/eating/sleeping the heck out of me. And this took a toll on my willingness to take care of me. In a month, I did zero face masks, one poor face scrub, and moisturized when I felt like it- that is, half of the time. Hairwise, I've used the' no-fuss method', consisting in reduced hair washing and manipulation> wash, condition, put leave-ins, detangle, put hair in four braids, and be free :) But the thing is, fuss-free hair turned into fuzzy hair LOL there's nothing like bi-weekly washes!

However, I'm quite happy with my Ramadan. I've learned tons of new things, I've been able to meditate and ponder things a bit. Also, I've been given the opportunity to work on my character, which is a lot of work =.=

Ramadan was like an intensive Taqwa training. You use most of your time for Allah, and a tiny fraction for 'foolish' things, so you cut out the extra food, the stupid TV shows, etc. Honestly, this is the best schedule, and I think we should implement this in our lives to a certain extent: more for the akhirah, less for the dunya.

But, I'm not gonna lie, I'm happy to eat throughout the day and to have my music back- actually, I'm jammin' to RHCP's latest tune as I type=)

Overall, I was really happu with my Ramadan, may Allah give us many other Ramadans to enable us to elevate ourselves spiritually!

Ramadan & Makeup


Ramadan kareem to everyone! I hope everyone's doing great in this second day of Ramadan, that all of you are in great spirits insh'Allah^^ As for me, things are fine, alhamdulillah, I'm hangin' in there hehe

So I'm coming to you with a special subject, that is makeup. I know it's a little bit touchy, some people frown upon wearing makeup during Ramadan, others hate it all year round. Here's my opinion: it doesn't hurt as long as you keep it simple and clean. 

During Ramadan, you may look a little bit worn out from the fasting, the lack of sleep, especially since days are longer and hotter in the summer. Makeup can help you conceal all that and make you look awake and alive again =)

To me, the easiest way to a naturally fresh, dewy face, is the 'no makeup makeup' technique, which consists in concealing here and bringing light there. "Less is more" is definitely the motto here!

Let's take a look at a few celebrity pictures for inspiration=)

 Glowy skin, barely there makeup...looks like she just woke up=)

My Ramadan Plan


Ramadan is right around the corner! I got out of my cave and realized it just now, so I knew I had to hurry and come up with some resolutions for the blessed month! Let's go through it, shall we?

1. Finish the Qur'an. This is something I've never done during Ramadan-nor during any other time, I must say, but I'll try this year Insh'Allah. I think it would be a great way to push myself during the holy month and establish a Qur'an reading routine throughout the year.

2. Seek knowledge. I'll try and hunt for knowledge, through websites such as SuhaibWebb, Sandala, and Sheikhy Notes. Book-wise, I plan on finishing sections from Imam al-Ghazali's Ihya ulum ad-din revolving around repentance and meditation.

3. Do extra remembrance. I try and do dhikr regularly, but I want to increase my practice.

4. Do extra contemplation. Ramadan will be a great time to meditate and think about events that have occurred, the place I'm at and where I want to be in life.

5. Fast with all members. I'll try and avoid any unnecessary and harmful talk, such as gossiping and backbiting. Also, I'll try and dilute some things I like, which means less music, less makeup, etc.

6. Cook! There are several reasons for this: a. it will make my mother happy; b. I'll give her a hand, which will make her even happier; c. spare time and food are the only sadaqas I can afford; d. it will get me into the Ramadan spirit of conviviality; e. I don't have much to do anyways!

7. Eat smart. I'm so tired of iftar overeating! What is the point in fasting in order to purify oneself in the day, and eat the heck out of oneself at night? The only thing it can do is making you feel lethargic, too lazy to perform Tarawih and possibly gain extra pounds. No more binge eating for me Inch'Allah!

Here's my Ramadan plan, hopefully I'll keep up with it. Please let me know what your resolutions for this year's Ramadan are=)

Musical Crush


Long time, no post, I know, but I'm having some guests coming over for the holidays, that's why I've pushed my little bloggie aside!

As most of you must know, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment. When I got the news, I was shocked! You might think I was being naive, everyone knew she had issues, but I always thought she would somehow overcome her problems and make a come-back. 

She was so talented, she brought soul back to the game and inspired many other artists. Her music definitely was different from what was/is aired, so soulful and real. Such a shame.

 Cruel irony :'(

 One of the rare cheerful songs she performed

This week, I also saw that Chris Brown also decided to pay tribute to MJ. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of his, but I have to say that the song's good. It's halfway between SWV's Right Here and Michael's Human Nature, but with a modern twist. The video is cool, the moves are 90's, which I love=) Slightly cheesy lyrics, but hey, it's a regular 2011 R&B song LOL!

Don't you just like his outfit at 2:51?

Musical Crush


This is my 30th blog post YAAY!!!

MsDieynaba here with another music-related post=) MsDieynaba is not feeling like job-seeking these days, so you might get lots of posts coming in this week!

This post will be about Ryan Leslie. I've been listening to his music for a few years now, and I've stumbled across a few of his songs today. Boy, how I love re-discovering good music! I just found out that he's a very smart person, he actually graduated from Harvard. What I did know though, is that music wise, he's a real genius. He plays at least 5 instruments and has developed an amazing sense of music. 

He's definitely got skills. His beats are innovative but not too crazy either, it's fresh and good, just what today's R&B needs, instead of these soulless, overheard tunes we get. Oh, and the vocals aren't bad either^^

Comment if you like the French at the beginning hehe

This makes me want to dance so bad!

A genius I tell ya!

Please listen, and if you don't nod your head for even one sec, then there's nothing music can do for you! Okay, a little too dramatic, I'm just playin' =D

OOTD -- Coffee Time!

Salam ladies=)

Another outfit of the day. My friend Ly-Sing had kindly invited me to have some ice cream. I wanted something simple and cute, not too casual, and not too dressy either.

The scarf was at the center of the outfit. This one is brand new, I loved as soon as I saw it. There are interesting detailings on it and it has this great vintage feel to it. 

 Scarf close-up

To balance it out, I thought of a kinda laid back outfit, that's why I opted for jeans and a tank top. I added on the waterfall jacket, to add to the casual chic vibe. 

 Grey waterfall top, camel tank top, bootcut jeans and scarf

The weather was cloudy, so I threw on my trenchcoat. Added my brown leather bag and wedges, and there you have it!

Hijab & Traditional West African Clothing

Salam ladies=)

Here I am, trying to make a consistent, to-the-point, interesting and hopeful (maybe?) article to the Hijab & series.

As you can see from the title, this one will be about traditional West African clothing, YAAY=)This idea popped into this little of mine after reading some hijabi posts featuring gorgeous traditional Asian outfits.

This article will mainly focus on 'boubou' (bubu). Boubous might be Africa's most renowned piece of clothing, there's one for every occasion, from weddings to weekend cleanings -literally! You can get different cuts, fabrics, patterns, textures, possibilities are endless!

The outfit consists of 3 sections: 
  • Boubou: the top piece used to cover the upper body, with variable lenght, width and cut
  • Pagne: a wrap-around skirt that goes from hips to ankles, unvariable lenght, widht or cut
  • Headscarf: long, narrow scarf to wrap around one's head, unvariable lenght, widht or cut

    A type of boubou called demi-saison

    Musical Crush


    Another music-related post^^ This is not a crush, rather an old love.

    Everyone, please meet 30-year-old Oakland-bound singer Goapele. The first time I heard her songs, I instantly fell in love with the girl! You know I'm a New Soul girl, but sometimes, it can get a little boring with the same ol' beats etc. However, she always manages to come up with something new and fresh. The music is always so soulful, funky and Hip Hop *sigh*

    Lovely voice, great music, the lyrics aren't bad either...I'm hooked=)

     First Love off 1st LP Change It All

    Ramblings: The Twelve Benefits of Unemployment

    Salam ladies=)

    Today, I want to talk about what seems to be at the heart of my life but that I cannot for the life of me obtain: a job. For nine months, I've been looking here and there, I've sent emails, called, shook hand, all in vain. I've been through many stages and have experienced a wide range of emotions, from hope to despair, not mentioning anger and sadness. However, these days, I'm in a different state of mind. I'm actually contemplating the benefits of being unemployed. Here's a list of how I use my spare time- it's more like my days=)

    1. Pray on time. Thank God for that, because it's tough sometimes to come back home after a day's work and catch up with all the prayers except for Fajr and Subh.

    2. Work on my spirituality. To me, Islam is way more than a halal/haram dichotomy, so I try to dedicate more time to remembrance and meditation.

    3. Study the deen. I'm feeling really curious about the deen these days, so I try to get as knowledgeable as I can, mainly using books and online resources- even though I think serious knowledge requires a shaykh and years of hard work and dedication.

    4. Think about my goals & motives. These nine months gave me A LOT of time to think about what I really want in life, both on professional and personal grounds.

    5. Talk with my stepdad. He's a great person, and I talk about anything with him, from politics to philosophy and silly things- lots of them=)

    6. Bonding with family & friends. More free time=more time to chill with friends and bond with fam.

    7. Watch movies. As I've mentioned here, I'm tired of stupid movies, I'm more into films that I can benefit from. Molière aside, I've been watching Al-Ghazali: The Alchemy of Happiness, which is a must-see. Also, I planned on watching The Class, as well as Persepolis and Of Gods And Men. Feel free to join me=)

    Hijab & Hair

    Salam ladies, I hope everyone's going great=)

    I'm back with a "Hijab &" kind of article, hopefully it will benefit someone out there Insh'Allah!

    As modest women, we have to cover our awrah, which includes the hair (duh!). In order to do that, we try and use bonnets, scarves, pin and whatnot... Sometimes, it might not necessarily be done in the best, healthiest way for our heads of hair. Therefore, using my short -but intense;)- experience, as well as a few comments and remarks here and there, I came with a do's lists that will allow us to remain modest while having beautiful hair=)

    1. Wear loose hairstyles. Gathering hair and putting it in a tight ponytail or bun puts pressure on the hair. When it undergoes too much pressure, it breaks, turns into a bald spot, etc. Try doing a little looser bun/ponytail next time.

    2. Check your hair tools. Really? Yes, hair tools can actually damage you hair. For instance, I wouldn't recommend using hair ties with the metal part in the center, and dragged, 'naked' hairclips/bobby clips, because it snaps at the hair, and often ends up with breakage. Try using rubber-covered pins and hair clips and 'scrunchies' instead.

    3. Avoid tight underscarf/scarf wrapping. It might sound like a 'duh statement', but wrapping scarves too tighly is no good, I tell you. Doing it too tighly too often will cause headaches, hairloss/bald spots. Try tying it a little looser, you'll instantly feel better=)

    4. Use 'organic' fabrics. Cotton let the scalp breathe, won't irritate it and absorbs sweat, silk and satin don't absorb moisture like other fabrics would and is not be harsh on the hair.

    5. Wash scarves regularly. It's something that I forget about sometimes, but washing your scarves -especially underscarves, is crucial. We walk around with them all day long, so we need to wash the product residue, sweat, possible dirt and bacteria away so that the gunk doesn't go back to our scalps.

    6. Pick scarves weather-wise. A little sweat is okay, but we don't want our hair to marinate in it all day, it'll end up irritating the scalp and not smelling really good either =s. In order to stay cool, wear lighter scarves in the summer, and heavier for the winter season.

    OOTD -- Going To The Masjid


    Yet another masjid outfit ladies!

     Black maxiskirt, black tee, jean jacket, tan belt
    Brown scarf, tan crossbody bag, bronze earrings and black sandals

    Sorry for the bad lighting guys. I basically wanted an outfit with black and tan, since I find that they compliment each other well. Since the weather was warm, I picked a black maxiskirt and tee and threw on my trustee jean jacket and have added these brown/tan accents to warm things up.

    Also, I added these earrings and I made them peak out LOL, using YaztheSpaz's method. I love dangly earrings and I want to wear them out more Insh'Allah=)

    Musical Crush + a Surprise


    The past week, I wasn't in the best of moods, but I found a few things to make me smile=)

    First of all, Nolwenn Leroy's Le Cheshire Cat Et Moi. She is the former winner of the Star Academy contest (French version of X Factor/American Idol)  and her latest album Bretonne, has received great public acclaim over here. Because she came out of a TV singing contest, I pre-judged her, thinking that she'd be singing crap- to be 100% honest. But I stumbled across her album the other day, and I'm glad I have=) 

    The music's good, it's more on the pop/folk side, the lyrics are really good, Nolwenn Leroy's voice is great. The album is fresh, sweet and soothing. My favorite songs off the LP are You Get Me and Amis de Jours de Pluie, they make me feel bubbly=).

    Faut-Il Faut-Il Pas live

    Next, Selah Sue! Mademoiselle M has featured a blogpost on her, I first was intrigued, then I totally forgot about it. One day, while I was in my living room, a documentary popped up on TV about the Belgian singer, and her song Raggamuffin aired. I've liked it as soon as I heard the first notes, it has crazy vibes=)

    Getting To Know Me=)

    For some reason, this article was deleted, I had to re-write, re-edit and all, which literally took days for me to do the first time, but anyways, there you go!


    Haute Muslimah just featured an article with a few questions about herself, I actually thought of doing one before, but she got ahead. Let's follow her lead ladies and gents=)

    Where were you 3 hours ago? I was in my living room sleeping the heck out of me LOL.

    Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? A lady's shirt on TV=)

    What are you wearing right now? I'm wearing a dress from Mauritania that my aunt gave me. It's long, A-lined, with short sleeves, and with detailing on it. I love it so much=)

    Looking like little boats and dried shrimp hehe

    What are the colors of your bedroom walls? The upper part's light yellow, the bottom part is dark blue, with a yellow/blue/silver line across. It might sound crazy, but it's really cute=)


    Salam ladies=)

    This is another OOTD. I went to the 28th Annual French Muslims' Meeting, which took place the past weekend. It showcased anything Islamic-related, from halal food to Muslim charity organizations to modest clothing (yes, I did pick two scarves=). 

    There were also conferences and debates, during which scholars and specialists addressed key issues. Tariq Ramadan was there, I attended the 'Islam in France' debate he took part in, very eloquent and to the point, as usual=)

    It was a hot, sunny day, and I knew there would be walking involved, so I chose a light and comfy outfit. Also, I wanted someting colorful and spring-like=)

    Long sleeve tee, linen pants

    Long-sleeved white tees are a staple, especially for hijabis: they go with almost everything and provide covearge for the upper body, and the rear-end too sometimes -- this is the case with this shirt. I also recommend linen pants for the summer, the fabric allows the skin to breathe and they're usually looser that other pants, which makes life easier for us=)

    The shape and color of the clothes were pretty basic, I chose colorful accesories to make the outfit a little more interesting.

    Hijab & Theme Parks

    Salam ladies!

    I don't know about you, but it's getting warmer and warmer in France, today it's about 26°C. To me,  it screams theme parks! I'm kinda  of a big kid, and theme parks are so much fun=) I'm actually going to Disneyland tomorrow and I thought of what a hijabi should wear in this context. So I came up with an attire that'll keep you comfy, cool and modest while riding crazy rollercoasters!

    Let's start with the clothes.

    I would recommend choosing 'sturdy-fabric clothes' for convenience. Also, I'd avoid long maxi-dresses and skirts, they might be convenient when running errands, but the flowiness (did I just make up a word out of nowhere? LOL) can be out of control, and next thing you know, you legs get all exposed =/ 

    cardi + top + pants/jeans 
    jean jacket + top + pants/jeans
    longer top + pants/jeans
    = winning combo

    Personally, I wanted an outfit that is airy and comfy at the same time, so I opted for loose clothing.

    Khaki military shirt, loose straight jeans, short-sleeved white tee

    OOTD -- Visiting fam

    Blue/green long-sleeve shirt, taupe waterfall cardi, jeans, tan belt and cream scarf

    Brown bag and tan flats

    Here's one of my favorite outfits, it's so casual, so my style=) 

    The weather was wonderful that day, so the last thing I wanted was tight, uncomfy clothes. I picked  up my blue/green shirt, very light, opaque AND long- too bad it's not a little looser though- on which I threw my waterfall cardi, which is great for modesty, since waterfall distracts the eye from the bodyshape. I added the belt and wore it around the waist just to add some structure to the outfit. Since I wanted to go for a warm-undertoned outfit, I chose the bag and flats that are on the picture plus my cream scarf=)

    That day, I went to say hi to my mother's friend, whose 29-year-old son has passed away 4 months ago from SCD. Since then, she's not okay, but a more serene and calm now, my family and I try to come over as often as we can and try to get her mind off of negative thoughts. May Allah have mercy on Ismaila's poor soul and accept him into Janna, may He relieve the pain and aching of his mother, ameen.

    OOTD -- Going To The Masjid

     Jean jacket, white short-sleeved shirt, black high-waisted maxiskirt, black wedges and scarf

    Close up of the shirt.
    It has enbroidery on it, little buttons, and two little 'threads' that you can tie, so cute^^

    Close up of the scarf. It has this flower-like pattern, and fringes at the end of each side.

    So this was my outfit to go to the masjid. The weather was beautiful and quite warm, so I opted for lightweight clothing. I chose to wear my high-waisted maxiskirt because I find it very masjid-appropriate- I like to dress looser and longer for the occasion. I paired it with my scarf and top, which gave the outfit a gypsy, romantic feel. I threw on my jean jacket and wore my black wedges, and voilà=)

    Musical Crush


    Long time, no blog! This will be another musical crush. These are songs I've been digging these days, they all happen to be French songs ^^

     Elodie Fregé- La Fille de l'Après-Midi

    A nice song, that actually came out a while ago. When it did, I overlooked it, thinking it wasn't the type of music I listen to. Well, I'm glad I broadened my scope, it's really good =) Good music, great lyrics, let me tell you, the lyrics are so sophisticated it took me a while to get to their meaning!

    Quinze- Tant Besoin de Toi

    A French New Soul artist, he's been around for a while now. I love this song, you know I like this genre=)

    Oxmo Puccino- J'ai Mal au Mic

    Oxmo Puccino, France's Hip Hop's Don is back. I'm obsessed with this song, it's stuck on replay!

    There you have it! I'd like for this blog to be interactive and all, so please don't hesitate to comment, give me feedback or even say hi^^

    Ramblings + Musical Crush


    I hope everyone's doing great.

    I've been feeling kinda blue lately. I just can't seem to find me a job, I've been on the hunt for 7 months now and I did not find anything. 7 months and not one job interview, not even a tiny, jacked up one. And of course, there's no dinero, so I spend most of my time at home, trying to get busy doing a few things here and there. I'm sick of it, I think I'm past the disapointment phase, now I'm just indifferent, doing things like I'm MsRoboto.

    I guess Allah is trying to give me a lesson in patience. I know He's the Provider, and whatever I'm supposed to have, I'll have, but how long is it going to take? Will I ever find my dream job? Allah u alam.

    I've been listening to this song these days. This is the Shakira that I like, rock and raw, instead of barbified and all. The song's good, the music's fine and the lyrics are beautiful. They kinda cheer me up.

    Y un dia despues de la tormenta
    cuando menos piensas sale el sol
    de tanto sumar, pierdes la cuenta
    porque uno y uno no siempre son dos
    cuando menos piensas, sale el sol

    OOTD -- Going To The Masjid

    Moroccan robe, pink long sleeve shirt, straight leg jeans, cream scarf, Converse sneakers

    Just my masjid outfit. I got this Moroccan robe from my mother, I think it's from Fes=) 

    The color is old rose, it has taupey designs on it, and beautiful detailing on the front.This is really convenient, I like how you can wear pretty much anything underneath. I thought light pink and cream would compliment the robe. I added jeans for warmth and Converse sneakers for comfort LOL

    Oh BTW, it looks like the shoes are on the robe, they're not, they're actually on their shoebox=)

    Outfit Inspiration

    Hey ladies! I know it's been ages, almost a month! Did someone miss me? :D

    It's been a while, I know, but I've working on something =)

    I'm a suscriber of Anna Saccone's The Style Diet. The author is a professional stylist and she's more on the simple and casual side, which I like since I can relate to her style. Her channel features a video called Sexy In Black: 5 Different Ways, in which she shows how to wear black from head to toe in the workplace without it being boring/goth/mourning-like.

    This inspired me to create a post on the same theme, for several reasons:

    1. My wardrobe carries a lot of black pieces
    2. I needed to find a way to wear them in a 'non-boring/goth/mourning-like' fashion
    3. I wanted to come up with combos I wouldn't have thought of otherwise
    4. The experience is worth a good post=)

    The thing is, I tweaked it a little so that it can adjust to modest dressing. One: obviously, we don't have the same guidelines when it comes to appropriate clothing, so I decided to change "sexy" into "classy". Much more hijabi-like ;) Second, the video features 5 styles, I chose to display only 3.

    I tried to come up with styles that are work-appropriate in my opinion, but not too serious- I'm more of a casual gal.

    I recommend wearing with a black trenchcoat on top of these looks-at least, that's what I plan on doing=)

    As for the shoes, I picked up two pairs that would match the look I was going for.

    I tried my best to provide accurate and clear pictures, please bear with me=)

    Black pointy flats, for more of a formal look

    Shoe Cravings


    I've been checking out some shoes lately -- shoes that I couldn't buy anyways LOL.I've been wandering around and some pairs did catch my eye.

    Nudes and neutrals seem to be in for '11 Spring/Summer season, which is a trend that I like. Something about them screams class and sophistication. I find the idea of rocking soft colors/tones in the warmer months very refreshing, quite literaly=)

     These shoes I found on the Sarenza (pairs 1, 2, 5) & Zara France websites (pairs 3, 4).

    Musical Crush


    Two musical crushes in a week, holy moly!

    I've discovered a new artist, Jessie J, let's see if she meets my requirements...

    Great voice...check
    Smart lyrics...check
    Awesome personality...check!

    Price Tag (acoustic version)

    Amazing *.*

    I got to know her through her Do It Like a Dude video, which I found really scary LOL. I was kinda disgusted by that to be honest, but I  tried to Google her anyways, I'm glad I did=)

    It's been a long time since we've had a singer with such a powerful, beautiful, voice. Britain's definitely got talent!

    Musical Crush

    Salam everyone=)

    I woke up early today to work on one of my translations, but I really don't feel inspired. Words come to my mind like specks of dust -- dull, grey, and untidy.

    Enough with the crazy talk. I wanted to introduce you to one of my new found loves: Katy B.

    She's young, British and talented. I like that she's coming out with her underground, Dub-inspired music. This is not the typical music I listen to, I'm more of a Hip Hop/R&B/New Soul kind of gal, but it's good music, so I won't discriminate. Very fresh and different, which is MUCH appreciated among this electro-pop nonsense. I also like the fact that she sings without trying too hard. Everything seems to be natural and falling perfectly into place=)

    This song is HYPNOTIC

    Party music^^

    Miss Katy B also reminded me of one thing: oversize sweaters can do a great job when it comes to hiding curves. Another thing that I'll consider buying !

    Hijab & Summer

    Salam ladies^^

    It's been a while since I last posted. I've been trying to find a good thing to blog about, hopefully this post will be useful to someone out there=)

    Since I started covering, I thought about what to wear in the summer. I was born and raised in France, where the weather is -or was before global warming- moderately cold in the winter and moderately hot in the summer.

    I've never been a huge fan of the summer heat, the temperature rises of a few degrees and I don't know what to do with myself. I felt like I was melting in tank tops and camis, and these are definitely not a hijabi option. So I thought about how to stay modest, cute and fresh in the warmer season. Here's my strategy...

    1. Avoid synthetic fabrics. They are not really pleasant to wear and promote sweat. Fabrics such as cotton are comfortable and allow the skin to breathe.

    2. Avoid layering. This is the toughest thing for a hijabi, but wearing one or two pieces, i. e. top + pants/skirts, definitely helps putting off the heat.

    3. Pick light colors. We all know that lighter colors reflect light and darker tones absorb it, but how many of us pick the cute black top from our wardrobe and regret it as soon as we head out? Say coolness over style!

    4. Keep the makeup very light. I'd focus on keeping the face matte, using a mattifying mosturizer and powder. Use a tiny amount, the last thing you want is your makeup to melt off my face.

    5. Armpit maintenance pt I (how classy does that sound LOL). Just a reminder, this might not sound delicate, but, yes, ladies sweat. In order to keep off/minimize sweat and bad smell, make sure all hair is removed, as hair traps in bacteria proliferation, thus promoting bad odors. This is a sunnah, and it is actually makruh (disliked) not to do it over a long period of time.

    6. Armpit maintenance pt II (I just can't get over the title hehe). Find yourself a good deodorant system. You can use manufactured ones; nowadays, I tend to put aside drugstore toiletries and use natural products. Try lemon juice, alum rock (an anti-perspirant), talc/baby powder, etc. You will not be disappointed!

    My Hijab Story=)

    Mauritanian ladies rocking the milhafa


    In this blog post, I will cover Youtube's tag. I saw fellow blogger A Convert's Life did it, so I thought I'll give it a shot. Here we go=)

    How old were you when you started wearing the hijab?
    What or who influenced you to become a hijabi?
    The main reason why I became a hijabi was because I realized it was 'mandatory'. I mean, I always kinda knew that it was, I guess I was ignorant or too scared to admit it was.

    Oh yeah, in case someone even wonders, no one made me wear it LOL

    Musical Crush + Style Inspiration


    This post is going to be about Janelle Monae.

    I love her music. I find it to be really original and different, I don't think you can even classify it. It's like a breath of fresh air, and the music industry is in DIRE need of it! It's so hard nowadays to find quality songs without trashy lyrics and crappy, overheard music. So Mach'Allah=)

     Amazing features, great makeup, great song^^

    I like her style, which I find very interesting. She rocks that rockabilly look in a smart way I think. The clothes may seem tomboyish, but you can notice the cuts are feminine, it's not overdone either. So she has the 5O's look without looking like a pin-up, which is something we've seen for a while now.

    Something I noticed is that she is quite modest. Everytime I saw her, her whole body was covered, her shirt collar even goes to her neck. This is great for hijabis, especially for me, since I'm currently looking for a way to wear hijab with shirts with the collar showing AND without it looking dorky=)

    Here are a few looks that I find cute and work appropriate (you might want to let go of the bow-tie though)

    Reactions To The Hijab...Am I Tripping?


    I've been wearing hijab for a few months now, and there has definitely been reactions to the change.

    Good and bad. More bad than good, as I expected. But I have to say some I didn't expect at all, or rather some reactions I didn't expect from some people. Read RELATIVES. Here are some comments I've heard for the past few weeks...

    'What's that thing on your head?' [while grincing]

    'What's this? So you're a mujahada now?' [with fear in the eyes]

    'So you cover now? You know you won't be able to wear make up anyone, don't you?'

    'Do you want to look old?'

    'Were you forced to wear it?'

    '[Relative] What kind of new trend is this?
     [Me] This I call the Islamic trend [with a smile]
     [Me] Where is so-and-so? I just saw him, he didn't come to say hi
    [Relative] Well, he probably didn't recognize you with this thing on your head' [laughs heartily]

    Happy New Year=)


    I would like to wish you all a happy new year. Insh'Allah 2011 will bring you the bliss and happiness you deserve!

    I usually try to avoid these new year resolutions that I hardly keep up with throughout the year but I've made some, and this time around with God's help and dedication, I shall suceed=)

    Here it goes...

    I'd like to be healthier. I'll try to drink more water- at least 6 a day, and eat less using the Prophet's recommendation: 1/3 food, 1/3 drink, 1/3 air.

    Beauty wise, I want to be consistent with my haircare, i. e. mosturizing daily, washing and conditioning my hair biweekly. I haven't noticed any growth or improvement in my hair for a long time now, so some work needs to be done here.

    I'll try to be more serious with the skincare: removing ALL makeup before hitting the bed, using a mask and scrub, moisturizing properly. I definitely need to treat my skin like fine silk, the same goes for bodycare also.

    Now, about the Deen, I wish to wake up for Fajr ON TIME. Subhanallah, I always seem to wake up 15 mn- or even later than that- for Fajr. I'll keep doing my daily wirds, litanies I do after Fajr and Icha. I'll also try to renew wudu' systematically and learn more ayats insh'Allah.

    Here are my resolutions. I think these are achievable goals, hopefully, I'll make it^^ 

    What are your resolutions for 2011?

    Hijab & Winter

    Salam ladies^^

    I've always found that winter is an interesting season. I kinda like the cold and the warmth it. However, dressing up can be a little challenging, especially for hijabis.

    So how do we look modest, cute and warm in the wind, the cold and the snow? Well, I've got some tips which might be helpful=)

    • Get yourself some boots. They are key items to your winter wardrobe. The legs and feet are areas of the body that really cold, and boots definitely provide some warmth. Plus, it allows to walk in the snow more easily. I suggest getting boots with little to no heels, you don't want to turn into James Brown when the floor gets all slippery. Pair them with a long sweater and skinny jeans and you'll be good to go!
    I like how these boots mimic the hunting style=)

    My personal favourite. I think these are full of character.