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Hey ladies! I know it's been ages, almost a month! Did someone miss me? :D

It's been a while, I know, but I've working on something =)

I'm a suscriber of Anna Saccone's The Style Diet. The author is a professional stylist and she's more on the simple and casual side, which I like since I can relate to her style. Her channel features a video called Sexy In Black: 5 Different Ways, in which she shows how to wear black from head to toe in the workplace without it being boring/goth/mourning-like.

This inspired me to create a post on the same theme, for several reasons:

1. My wardrobe carries a lot of black pieces
2. I needed to find a way to wear them in a 'non-boring/goth/mourning-like' fashion
3. I wanted to come up with combos I wouldn't have thought of otherwise
4. The experience is worth a good post=)

The thing is, I tweaked it a little so that it can adjust to modest dressing. One: obviously, we don't have the same guidelines when it comes to appropriate clothing, so I decided to change "sexy" into "classy". Much more hijabi-like ;) Second, the video features 5 styles, I chose to display only 3.

I tried to come up with styles that are work-appropriate in my opinion, but not too serious- I'm more of a casual gal.

I recommend wearing with a black trenchcoat on top of these looks-at least, that's what I plan on doing=)

As for the shoes, I picked up two pairs that would match the look I was going for.

I tried my best to provide accurate and clear pictures, please bear with me=)

Black pointy flats, for more of a formal look

My personal, all-time favorite: black wedges=)

On to the clothes!

 Look #1: black shirt, bootcut jeans, leather belt, bag, and funky scarf

This look I really like=) The shirt and bag are formal, but the jeans and scarf make the look a little less serious. Also, I like how the belt and bag handle colors are similar.

 Look #2: black cardigan, black pants, T-shirt and scarf

This look has formal elements to it, with the black cardigan and pants, as well as a  romantic feel, with the stripes and bow on the shirt and the red pashmina. Very Parisian-like=)

 Look#3: black jumpsuit, silk scarf, bag

Out of the three outfits, this is my favorite. I bought this jumpsuit on sale, I've never had any before, but I don't regret buying it=) It's actually very flattering and classy-looking. In order to compliment it, I've decided to add a square silk scarf, with a rich color and 'embroidery' designs on it.

There you go, my very first oufit inspiration! Hope you like^^

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