Musical Crush + a Surprise


The past week, I wasn't in the best of moods, but I found a few things to make me smile=)

First of all, Nolwenn Leroy's Le Cheshire Cat Et Moi. She is the former winner of the Star Academy contest (French version of X Factor/American Idol)  and her latest album Bretonne, has received great public acclaim over here. Because she came out of a TV singing contest, I pre-judged her, thinking that she'd be singing crap- to be 100% honest. But I stumbled across her album the other day, and I'm glad I have=) 

The music's good, it's more on the pop/folk side, the lyrics are really good, Nolwenn Leroy's voice is great. The album is fresh, sweet and soothing. My favorite songs off the LP are You Get Me and Amis de Jours de Pluie, they make me feel bubbly=).

Faut-Il Faut-Il Pas live

Next, Selah Sue! Mademoiselle M has featured a blogpost on her, I first was intrigued, then I totally forgot about it. One day, while I was in my living room, a documentary popped up on TV about the Belgian singer, and her song Raggamuffin aired. I've liked it as soon as I heard the first notes, it has crazy vibes=)

Lastly, Molière. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of these big blockbuster movies, with lots of special effects, miniskirts and nonsense. The other day I was looking for a good movie to watch, and this one came up. I thought 'why not?', and I loved it! The movie's supposed to narrate Molière's life, and how he became the successful playwright that we know today. Note that this is not accurate, his life and some of the most reknowned characters from his plays are intertwined, just like in Shakespeare in Love.

You get plots, drama, hilarious situations, and quality French, what more can you ask for? ;)

Double click on the video if you want to watch more =)

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