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I haven't done one of these long posts in a while, even though they're some work, I enjoy doing them. So when co-blogger Asma asked me how I'd style an outfit with sneakers, I thought it'd be the perfect occasion to blog :) I thought about the whole idea, and decided to extend it to urban clothing in the broader sense.

I love street style, whether it be hoodies, sneakers, or baggie jeans. I like how it can give an outfit a casual vibe, attitude or even sassiness, depending on what you're going for. In this blog, I'll select street items and show you how I wear them. Let's get started :)

1. The hoodie. Convenient, casual and oh-so comfy :) To me, hoodie sweaters are the epitome of street wear, but they can be toned down into a casual look.

Khaki jacket, grey hoodie sweater, bootcut jeans, boots

To me, hoodies look their best paired with a jacket. It gives that layered look, which is great to add warmth and multi-dimension to an outfit. To serve the same purpose, I like adding a loose shirt underneath. As for the lower section of the body, jeans are perfect, and tube skirts are good too. Add sneakers to go 100% casual, or boots for a little bit of height.

Black jacket, black hoodie jacket, loose shirt, tube skirt, boots

2. Baggie jeans. Long, loose, sagging... Can you get more "hood" than this? They were all the rage in the 90's, but they're not the most flattering item, especially for ladies. Harem-pant inspired trousers would be the best way to revive that laid-back feel baggie jeans give. I find the low, drop-crotch cut to be reminiscent of the baggie jeans; they scream "I'm cool".

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There are a variety of cuts and fabrics to choose from, ranging from the plain harem pants to the carrot pants. I recommend getting one with less of a dramatic cut, in a neutral color, for more versatility. Wear it with a top that is on the tighter side and a jacket, to add balance and contrast with the pants. Pick no-heel boots to give the outfit more character or heels for height.

Cropped jean jacket, white tank top, mustardy carrot pants, wedge pumps

3. Another way to emulate that baggie-jean look would be through the infamous boyfriend jeans. Pair it with a white tee and flats for a plain Jane feel, or wear a shirt and wedges to go smart casual.

4. Let's get to the interesting part, sneakers! I love them, have always worn them, always will InshaAllah. To get the right look, associating the right pants with the right sneakers is important.

For low sneakers, I recommend bootcut jeans, since they're more flattering and will prevent the shoes from overwhelming the figure.


For high top sneakers, I'd go for skinnies, to showcase the shoes. To balance out the look, add a longer, looser top.


Let's talk about one of the latest trends: wedge sneakers. Initially introduced by French fashion designer Isabel Marant, they seem to be all the rage, especially since celebrities are rocking them :) I like the idea of a mix between wedges and sneakers, it's casual with an extra "umph". As for pairings, follow the rule applied to high top sneakers: skinny jeans + longer, looser top.

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Here's my take on urban trends and how to rock them, I hope it'll be useful! Please feel free to share your style tips! See ya :) x

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