Musical Crush

Salams everyone!

I know it's been a while since the last Musical Crush blog, but I have to say that I haven't been listening to music so much, and when I did, it was mainly songs that came out a while ago. Plus, I haven't found new music I was enthusiastic about.

But lately, thanks to my little TV + cable connection, I discovered a few tunes that made the neo-soul fan in me jump for joy :)

When I first listened to the first notes of this song, I knew I'd love it. The singer's voice and the guitar give the song that cool, casual vibe, reminding me of singer Dwele's earlier work. It's fresh and luminous, like a beautiful spring day :)


Allen Stone is such a pleasant surprise! I was a bit skeptical about that brother, until he started singing. He has such a beautiful, soulful voice, you wouldn't even believe it! That's a singer that can actually sing, alhamdulillah. Other than that, the tune is nice, it's cheerful and uplifting, just what we need to brighten our weekdays :)

Allen got S.O.U.L SOUL!

We're wrapping up with such a beautiful song, mashaAllah. Everything, from the lyrics to the actual video to the singing, gives the song depth. It's harmonious, so simple, yet so powerful. It definitely made me want o know more about Ms. Mvula :)

So beautiful :)

There you go, my long overdue musical crush blog. Hope you like!

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