2013 Ramadan Recap

Salam ladies!

Let's wish each other a happy belated Eid! Hopefully, you've enjoyed quality food with quality people. I pray that we've had a great month, with lessons and blessings to take with us as we try and survive the rest of the year.

Dates & cream +  North African pastries +  Mauritanian tea  / good food and love

Now, how fast Ramadan went by!

I genuinely enjoyed this month. Of course, apart from the hunger and thirst I experienced, I went through different emotions at times, but I've been able to keep thing under control. Not only have I not found it difficult, I actually found a sweetness in it. I've been able to perform under tough conditions sometimes, which would make me react differently in other circumstances, but alhamdulillah, I've kept it together. Of course, I slipped here and there, but I take it as a lesson learned.

Another thing Ramadan has taught me is humility. You wouldn't believe what a little food does to the man. Only a well-fed person can puff up and put up airs, when you're without food, you can't even pretend! I was fasting once outside of Ramadan, an acquaintance saw my face and thought I was sick! It's a time during which our frailty becomes so blatant. When you're food-deprived, you tend to be a little more worn out and fragile. When iftar time strikes, three dates and a glass of water, and you're "back to yourself". So I found that not eating forced me into humility: we can't be as important as we think when we are so dependent on external things.

Also, Ramadan was great in teaching me gratitude. The three dates mentioned earlier, not every Muslim around the world can afford them. Some --a lot, actually-- have to struggle to get the glass of water we're drinking down. Others don't have anyone to break the fast with, during such a convivial, bonding time. It was a blessing being around my loved ones, and sharing good, nutritious food with them. Even when I was working until late at night, I've been fortunate enough to have found people willing to share their meals and time.

Enough blabbering, have I met the goals I've set for myself?

Well, kinda. I'm happy to say that I've watched my manners, the things I say. I also kept my beads and my Qur'an apps close to me. I've spend quite some time in the kitchen, so much that I found it hard to take the time to read or finish learning Rabbal 'Ibadi. Although it made me a bit sad that I wasn't able to do all the things on my list, I know that I have the rest of the year left to work on it.

Ramadan 1434 was awesome, while I'm back to my regular habits, I still want to remember it as a great time and a reminder in my life :').

Cute vid for a song I've been humming to all Ramadan!
France is featured in it :/ 

How was your Ramadan?

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