My 2014 Ramadan Plan

Salams lovelies!

I hope everything's fine with everyone :) Allhamdulillah, I've been doing well, dealing with a hectic schedule. Busy is good though, it's a nice change to be out and about!

Ramadan is right around the corner, so I figured it's about time that I a. come up with a Ramadan Plan, b. share it with you! I find that blogging is great for these Ramadan series of mine: I can document my journey and keep track of everything, that way I know what I've achieved and what I need to work more on.

Enough blabbering, here's a list of a few things I want to focus on this year iA.

1. Letting go of anger. Ahem. I know. My last post is about how I deal with frustration. I guess I need a taste of my own medecine, because I caught myself feeling more irritated that I would like over a few situations. Whether it is justified or not, I want to suppress these feelings even before they come to the surface.

2. Letting go. My mind is constantly racing. A vast imagination can be a good thing. The thing is, I have a tendency to over-analyze and conjecture, which is exhausting, and anxiety-triggering. Morrocans say "relax and learn to swim". This Ramadan, I want to embody the motto, focus on the moment and go with the flow inshaAllah.

3. Seeking knowledge. Of course, the month is a great opportunity for learning. With such a tight schedule, I want to focus on one book. I've had my eyes on Faouzi Skali's Jésus Dans La Tradition Soufie, or Jesus In the Sufi Tradition, for a while, so that will be the perfect time to read it.

4. Keeping it positive. These days, I've found myself dealing with negative feelings, and expressing them -- i.e. complaining :/. Channeling negative energy is mentally draining, and makes a bad situation even worse. This Ramadan, I want to curb that and look out for the silver lining in every cloud :)

5. Giving cheese a break. As silly as it may sound, the French girl in me likes to have her cheese close by, maybe a little too close :). Cheese has many health benefits, but over-indulging isn't good either. This month, I want to curb those cravings.

6. Making sure I'm in shape. I'm not talking exercise here, but rather sleep and food. Given the many activities going on during Ramadan, I want to make sure I get minimal sleep and eat good, nutrious food. Few hours of good rest and quality food intake are the best allies in maintaining physical, spiritual, and emotional balance.

7. Focusing during prayers. I feel like my mind tends to be elsewhere during prayers or zikrs. I want to perform salah/ zikr with a perfect connection with my Lord iA.

Hope these will inspire you to get ready and make the most of the blessed month. Also, I will be taking a break off the blog for the whole month, so I can experience it fully. Until then, take care and keep me in your dua's :)

What would you like to achieve this Ramadan?

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