2014 Ramadan Recap


Let me start off wth a big, fat Eid Mubarak! Wish you a blessed and perfect day with your loved ones, filled with good food and love, iA!

So, Ramadan literally flew by, and it's over. I'm a bowl of mixed emotions. I'm both happy and nervious to go back to the regular schedule. I felt emotional at the thought of breaking the fast for the last time last night! May Allah give us the opportunity to experience many more Ramadans iA!

How did the month go for you? It went so smoothly for me, it's amazing. I hardly felt any difficult throughout the days. Some were longer than others, I would feel a bit hungry and weary around iftar time, but nothing major. I wasn't so concerned with the hunger, but more wth the lack of sleep, and how it would reflect on my mood.

Thankfully, I didn't experience the emotional rollercoaster. I'm glad to say that my mood was equal the whole time, which was part of my Ramadan plan :) Speaking of which, I'm happy to report that most of my goals were met! Alhamdulillah, the month was a worry-free, a anxiety-free one! Allah allowed me to keep it cool, calm and positive. The one thing I need to work more on is, concentration. Hopefully, I'll get there by next Ramadan.

Of course, the month was tainted by the sad events ocurring in the Middle East, as well as Burma, the Central African Republic and other places. May Allah SWT ease their burden, liberate them fro the yoke of their oppressors. May He give the victims the highest stations in Jannah, close to Him, SWT. Ameen.

Ramadan things I'll miss
The Fulani uncles I broke the fast with @ work
 Famly iftars
Dates & cream
The extra taqwa
My Pakistani neighbour's awesome food
 My Morrocan neighbour's warm kindness
Not exercising
The religious shows on Senegalese TV channels

How was your Ramadan?

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