OOTD -- Wedding-bound

Salam ladies! I'll spare you the apology, you know how crazy hectic life gets sometimes. Better late than never, right? Let me say though, I've missed blogging a lot, so now that things are a little more quiet, I'll try and blog as often as I can. :)

I was invited to a Pakistani wedding. This outfit idea came up as a perfect option, since it's pretty modest. Can I get a yass for traditional outfits that come with matching hijabs? It has see-through sleeves, but nothing a thin black long-sleeve shirt can't solve.

Plus, the embroidery gave it an Eastern feel which I found appropriate for a Desi wedding.

To amp up the bling -- seems like it's a must for traditional outfits worldwide, I opted for strassed-up sandals. I added the neutral clutch because it was blending well with the look.

With traditional outfits, I usually go for a neutral eye with gold accents, a bit of a dramatic crease and false lashes. The lips are nude and the skin glowy, highlighted and contoured.

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