My 2017 Ramadan Plan

Well well, ain't it this time of year again? 

If you haven't guessed it already, I'm referring to Ramadan *performs happy dance*! It's legit one of my favorite times of the year. Throughout the years, I've used this blessed month to work on areas of my life that could be improved. I'm starting where I left off last Ramadan.

One of the reasons why I love Ramadan so much is because you only focus on what matters. You just cater to your essential needs, and the rest goes out the door. And it just makes everything so easy! Unfortunately, I still find that I'm putting energy on unnecessary things. It's a problem I've been tackling for a few years now, but I guess it needs a  bit more work! It's difficult and pervasive, but it's definitely worth making the effort. So this year, if God allows me, I want to continue working towards that goal.

This is nothing to be proud of, but more than once, I've caught myself having judgmental/negative thoughts about others. This isn't the prophetic way and isn't a sign of a good believer. I totally think that when you get rid of the mind blabbering, you don't have time to entertain thoughts, which are not only unneccesary, but harmful to yourself. I've been pretty good at watching my tongue, now I want to watch the heart iA, to polish the rust away :).

As you know, my life has changed last year, as I got married <3. Although my husband's the greatest blessing, I had to adjust to the responsibilities of marriage. These new duties came with a whole bunch of questions about our future, which left me stressed out and worried. I want to use Ramadan iA to remind myself that whatever sitution I'm in, God is taking care of it all, and act accordingly. 

Last year's Ramadan iftar dinners were fat-filled. Satisfying, but not so good on a fasting body. Thankfully, after the holy month, I've been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, based on wholesome, well-rounded nutrition and exercise. It basically consisted of having more fruits, veggies, water, exercise and less carbs. I definitely want to take these good habits with me during Ramadan and throughout my life.

One of my favorite parts of the month! I've haven't set my heart on any specific book this year, but honestly, I love the previous books so much, I might just read them all over again!

Ready (to fast). Set (the intention). Go (get your blessings)!

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