My Ramadan Plan


Ramadan is right around the corner! I got out of my cave and realized it just now, so I knew I had to hurry and come up with some resolutions for the blessed month! Let's go through it, shall we?

1. Finish the Qur'an. This is something I've never done during Ramadan-nor during any other time, I must say, but I'll try this year Insh'Allah. I think it would be a great way to push myself during the holy month and establish a Qur'an reading routine throughout the year.

2. Seek knowledge. I'll try and hunt for knowledge, through websites such as SuhaibWebb, Sandala, and Sheikhy Notes. Book-wise, I plan on finishing sections from Imam al-Ghazali's Ihya ulum ad-din revolving around repentance and meditation.

3. Do extra remembrance. I try and do dhikr regularly, but I want to increase my practice.

4. Do extra contemplation. Ramadan will be a great time to meditate and think about events that have occurred, the place I'm at and where I want to be in life.

5. Fast with all members. I'll try and avoid any unnecessary and harmful talk, such as gossiping and backbiting. Also, I'll try and dilute some things I like, which means less music, less makeup, etc.

6. Cook! There are several reasons for this: a. it will make my mother happy; b. I'll give her a hand, which will make her even happier; c. spare time and food are the only sadaqas I can afford; d. it will get me into the Ramadan spirit of conviviality; e. I don't have much to do anyways!

7. Eat smart. I'm so tired of iftar overeating! What is the point in fasting in order to purify oneself in the day, and eat the heck out of oneself at night? The only thing it can do is making you feel lethargic, too lazy to perform Tarawih and possibly gain extra pounds. No more binge eating for me Inch'Allah!

Here's my Ramadan plan, hopefully I'll keep up with it. Please let me know what your resolutions for this year's Ramadan are=)


Salwa said...

I love your plan. InshAllah you'll be able to accomplish everything you set out for. =) I need to make a plan....I just might borrow some ideas from you!


MsDieynaba said...

Oh thanks=) Yeah, this year, I wanted to make sure I make the most of Ramadan! said...

May Allah help you for accomplish your plans :)
And I wanna finish Quran too but it's pretty hard :S

Where are you now , in which suraa I mean ?

MsDieynaba said...

Salam, thank you=) If I recall correctly, I'm at surah Ibrahim, I hope I'll be able to finish it within the due date!