Getting To Know Me Pt IV -- Black Girl Problems


This is another getting-to-me kinda post, but we'll do things a little differently this time. I was surfing the Web, and I stumbled across this video:

This girl is hilarious! You can check out her YT page, she has other funny videos for you to enjoy -- I suggest this one=) Anyways, it made me laugh, but also think about some things I experience as a black girl. I started listing pet peeves in my mind, and I thought 'why not blog about this?' So there you go, MsDieynaba's BGP- keep in mind, some are similar or related to things mentioned in the video!

1. Finding jeans that fit is a pain! Most of the time, they're too loose or too tight in certain areas. Thank God for belts and longer tops!

2. Our hair is a lot of work! My hair requires biweekly washing, conditioning treatments, detangling, styling, as well as daily moisturizing- to preserve your sanity, I won't even mention the whole steps! I tried doing things faster, cutting down on the products, but it doesn't work. I have a hair regimen with specific products I have to use, if I don't, my hair will give me hell!

3. Makeup is harder to find, which gets on my neerrves! Northern America is better than Europe on this, I'm sure. Over here, the supermarkets don't hold lots of foundations for WOC, you'll have to turn to professional brands, such as MAC or MUFE. Even Sephora has disappointed on this: I used to wear the YSL Touche Eclat concealer in #4, the new shade they bragged about specifically designed for darker skintones. Mind you, every time I get in that store, that concealer is nowhere to be found! I had to switch to another brand :'(

4. People making stupid, ignorant remarks at school/work, thinking they're funny. How about I punch you in the face?

5. Strangers thinking I'm poor/uneducated/going to steal from them and acting all weird and awkward around me.

6. People thinking I can't be French because of my skin color. Yes, I am French, get over it already!

7. People mispronouncing my name and being bothered when I correct them. Just because it isn't your typical name doesn't mean I'll let you butcher it!

8. People staring at me when I wear hijab/West African traditional clothing/a Morrocan robe/a maxiskirt anything!

9. Random black men calling me 'sister' or 'cousin' just when they want something from me. PUH-LEASE!

10. People thinking I only listen to what they call 'black music', R&B, rap music and so on. These folks don't know my sister and I grew up on Red Hot Chili Peppers!

11. People thinking I'm a great dancer, because "this is something all black people are gifted with"- that's an actual quote, in case you were wondering. I don't know where they get that from, me personally, I'm an average dancer, sorry to disappoint!

12. People thinking I'm hard and mean-looking. Not true. Not all the time, at least :)

13. People thinking all eyeshadow colors look good on us. If I put any light grey/whitish shade all over my eyelid, I will look like I'm jaundiced-stricken, no exageration!

Okay, that's about it for my pet peeves! I'll throw a little disclaimer here: I love who I am and I wouldn't trade places with anyone else. MsDieynaba's happy being a black girl, despite the few things mentioned above:)

Any similar pet peeves ? Doesn't have to be black-oriented, make it 'Pakistani Girl Problems' if you want to! Please share, that way, we'll have a good laugh and set the recors straight at the same time!