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I'm coming at you with a different type of music-related post. This one is about what people call 'Islamic music'- might sound like anathema to some, but hey, that's what it is!

Some people may not agree, but I actually believe Islam and music are a match made in heaven, literally! At least, I know I love both- not the same way, obviously- but I like the idea of connecting with the Divine through music, it's like a spirituality enhancer. I like listening to nasheeds and any song revolving around religion.

Here are a few songs I like. Some are from West African artists, others from French singers, and for others, I don't really know.

1. This song is from a Senegalese singer called Oustaz. The song is praising the Prophet (PBUH).

 2. This one is by Thione Seck, another Senegalese singer, in praise of the Prophet (PBUH). As you can tell, West Africans love him (PBUH)! In the video, he's a madrassa teacher, expressing his love for Muhammad (PBUH). In the very beginning, the little girl is asked about the Prophet, she said: "he was born during the month of Rabi-ul-Awal, his father was Abdallah ibn Abd al-Muttalib, his mother was Amina bint Wahb, and his wetnurse was Sayyida Halima", and so on.

Such a precious video^^

3. This one is from a French rapper called Kery James. He's of Haitian descent, he basically rhymed his whole life. At some point, he converted to Islam and left his hardcore days behind. His music is relevant, to the point, and uplifting. This song is an extract from the Savoir & Vivre Ensemble LP, released after 9/11, and the spread of islamophobia in the West. The album features many artists, the songs are capturing the essence of Islam, dealing with various topics, like patience in troubled times, true friendship, etc. You also get traditional nasheeds, like Tala-al badru alayna. A really good album, in my estimation!

4. Disiz La Peste is a French rapper. The song is from the Itineraire d'Un Enfant Bronze album, which was inspired by, dealing with and made in Senegal, and it features several Senegalese artists. This song is abouthis gratitude towards Allah (SWT). Click here to listen=)

5. Sami Yusuf. Need I say more? I recently discovered his music, and I love it! He has a nice voice, good lyrics, and great topics. I like all of the songs I've heard, but if I had to pick one, it would be Asma Allah.

Gets to me every time =')

6. The Burdah is a poem I discovered a year ago, although it's very popular. I know there are plenty of versions out there, but there's one that caught my attention, recited by Moroccan singers and produced (I guess?) by Shaykh Hamza. I don't own the CD, but I'd gladly accept it if someone bought it for me hehe :) Click here if you want to learn more about it!

7. Tala-al badru alayna is also a recent discovery- I'm so late, I know! I like this song, but I haven't found a version that I love to pieces yet, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

8. Baraka Blue. A really cool cat doing great music. I love how reflective and deep the lyrics are, sometimes, I don't even want to pay attention to the instrumental LOL. His album is in my mp3 player right now, it's on heavy rotation. One of my favorites is Myst, so beautiful.


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