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Salam ladies=)

I hope everyone's doing well! I was supposed to study for my Arabic test tomorrow, but my brain decided to stop halfway through my vocab learning session, so I thought it was time for me to take a break=)

Let's do an OOTD, I know they're long overdue!

I was going to a friend's house to spend the weekend. When I left home, the weather was great, but I knew it would rain by Sunday. As always, I wanted something casual and comfy. Also, these days, I've been making an effort to mix and match my clothes to come up with new combinations, for more fun and originality.

I've been thinking about picking a shirt that I hadn't worn in a long time, because I couldn't think of a modest way to rock it. Well, I finally had an aha moment=) See for yourself!

Cropped jean jacket, shirt, oversize T-shirt

This is my aha combo^^ To compliment the lightness and casual feeling of the shirt, I opted for an oversized tee. I also left the shirt of the sleeves hanging, loose and unbuttoned. I threw a cropped jean jacket on top with rolled up sleeves, to add some layering and make the outfit extra interesting.
Here's the skirt

The T-shirt was long enough to cover whatever had to be ;) I added a tube skirt from Maysaa, which I'm actually quite happy with. The maxiskirts are cute, but not very convenient, whereas the tube skirts give you the convenience and versatility of jeans and the modesty of maxis=) I think I'll be wearing it a lot during this summer.

Top + bottom = my OOTD

 Close-up of my wrinkly tee

Says "all dressed up"

Handbag and Converse sneakers

I gladly woud've worn sandals, but since there was going to rain, I played safe and opted for my Converse shoes, aka my rain shoes=)

*Please excuse the blurriness, I feel like whenever I post pictures on the blog, they get all strange and blurry. Did anyone have the same issue?

Et voilĂ , another OOTD ladies! Prepare for more OOTDs^^

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