3 Headwrap Styles


I'm coming at you with a scarf tutorial, yay :) They're not hijab styles per se, rather headwraps. They've been worn in West Africa and beyond for modesty, beauty and/or convenience. These days, you see them on catwalks, it girls and celebrities, so you can say tradition meets fashion :)


I find myself wearing these quite often now, just because they're cute, convenient and gave me a break from my everyday hijabs.

The three styles displayed below are quick and easy; they can be paired with a turtleneck or a scarf for neck and chest coverage. I also like to add daingly earrings to add extra flair. And ladies, there's no need for underscarves nor pins :)

Here we go!

The Turban


I fell in love with the style the first time I saw it, but for some reason, I kinda stayed away from it. This is the simplest way -at least, for me- to wrap a turban.

I recommend French-braiding and tucking the remainder of the hair under. That way, the hair will already have this triangular shape that we want.

1. Take a rectangular scarf and bowing your head, place the edge on the nape area, leaving two sides of equal lenght hanging.

2. Bring the two sides forward, over the forehead, making sure your hair and ears are covered.

3. Bring the two sides together, put one above the other as if you were making a knot, and twist them until there's no fabric remaining.

4. Put the twist back vertically.

5. Tuck whatever is remaining of the twist under the scarf.

The African Headwrap


I find it reminiscent of the traditional headwraps I saw growing up. This particular style looks good with volume, this is why it would be perfect for coarser/textured-haired ladies. If you don't have the thickness, put your hair in a bun and throw a volumizing scrunchie on top of it.

1. Take a rectangular scarf and place it over your head. Leave two equal sides hanging down.

2. Bring the sides towards the back of your head and cross them over the nape.

3. Making sure all hair and ears are covered, bring the two sides forward, cross them 1-2 inches away from your forehead.

4. Tie the scarf in the back.

The Bun Headwrap


Interestingly enough, this headwrap developed in the streets, and was really popular. I actually remember rocking it in my teens :) Of all of the three styles shown, this is the easiest to create. You will need to put your hair in a low bun, since this style is built around it.

1. Take a rectangular scarf and place it over your head. Leave two equal sides of the scarf hanging down.

2. Bring the two sides towards the back of your head.

3. Take each side and wrap them tightly around your bun.

There you go, three headwrap styles from you to choose from! I hope it all makes sense and you'll enjoy it. See ya :)

Unstamped pictures are screen captions: Jennifer Lopez- I'm Into You; Erykah Badu- On & On; Sabi- Where They Do That At; Wallen- L'Olivier; Yuna- Sparkle

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