Dealing With Hardship Pt II - Feel-Good Moments

Salams :)

As some of you may know, I posted this blog featuring a few tips on how to cope with hard times. This post was the first of a series on that topic. Today, I'd like to discuss ways to divert from problems and trigger positive thinking through easy methods.

One of the ways to do just that is to think about the small things. Paying attention to the details, the things that oftentimes go unnoticed, but brighten your day. Sometimes, we feel so burdened by our problems that negativity is all we can see. To the point where we ignore the simplest things, which may not seem like much, but when lined up, make life worth living - so cheesy, but so true. 

Some people see happiness as something linked to social status, money, material things, "I'll be happy when I have this/when I achieve that..." What if you don't make it? What if Allah SWT takes you before you get to where you wanted to be in life? Don't get me wrong, dreams and aspirations aren't bad, but happiness doesn't necessarily depend on them.

 India did said it all

To see whether this thing is accurate or not, I tried and thought of the little things I was grateful for. Surprisingly, I came up with a bunch of feel-good moments, which are listed below.

Today, I sat and chit-chatted with my shaykh
I had a nice conversation with someone
My hair looked nice today
I got myself a manicure today
Today, one of my favorite songs was played on the radio
Today, I came up with a brand new outfit idea that fits all my requirements - modest, cute, convenient
Today, I stumbled across one of my sisters' photo albums, it had a old picture of me and the following words: "Here's my sister Dieynaba, she's the coolest!"
Today, I listened to the Qur'an, and I felt Allah SWT was talking to me
Today, I started making dhikr again after my "mandatory time off"
Today, Mauritania was mentioned in the news/I saw people rocking Mauritanian dresses on TV
I've been given a new milhafa today
I've been complimented on my outfit today
Today, I listened to music with my brand new headphones for the first time
I had attaya/Mauritanian tea today
Last time, I spent the night chatting with my sisters, bringing up childhood memories
I've been watching the Lord Of The Rings last night
Last night, I had the best piece of raisin & nut chocolate ever
Today, I found a new artist that I like
Today, I saw my nephews from abroad

Okay, I'm sure you get the idea :) These feel-good moments are a breath of fresh air, they should be witnessed, acknowledged and embraced. I dare you to come up with a happy list of your own, and I double dare you to let me know of your favorite thing to do/to have that makes you happy :)

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