Musical Crush


I'm coming at you with a musical crush today! It's been a while, but I finally came up with a few songs that want to share with you :)

This one I discovered a while back. This is a cover of Frank Ocean 's song by the lovely Yuna, and from what I've heard, it has reached a certain popularity. I like how she she stayed true to the song, but brought her own vibe to it at the same time.

Been humming to it all Ramadan :)

We're not done with her yet! I came across a remix of her song "Someone Out Of Town". I usually resent remixes, I feel like either they don't bring anything new to the table or the song is rearranged to the point where you forget where it's from. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the remix!  It had the beauty of Yuna's track plus an extra kick, perfect balance :)

 Dam-dam dam dam^^

On to Miguel's new track "Adorn", one of my favorite these days! Like "Sure Thing", it is one of these songs that has that 80's-90's vibe, especially with Miguel's smooth voice. How I miss the 90's *sigh*

Shout out to Miguel for wearing France on his chest!

Last but not least, Timaya's "Plaintain Boy" :) Now, this song I've been listening to nonstop! I discovered it through a comedy video, and since then, it's on replay! The song is about Timaya's life, from his humble, "plaintain seller" background to his success later in life. Sweet story, right? And the song is so entertaining, it puts me in a such a good mood :) I've been listening to Nigerian music for a tiny bit, and I have to say, I really like it. Go Najja!

Are Timaya's clothes traditional Nigerian outfits?
I dunno, but they're fly!

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