OOTD -- Two Collars In One

Salam ladies :)

I'm a girl of simple tastes, that applies to clothing as well. Before hijab, I wore white tee and jeans so much you'd thought it was a uniform! Although I still dig simplicity, the fun of experimenting and trying new things is growing on me :) So what I'm looking for nowadays are simple, easy outfits with a kick, paying attention to details.

I have a thing for collars, from turtlenecks to mandarine collars, I love the versatility and crisp look they can bring to an outfit. I thought, the more you wear, the better :) The turtleneck was a little plain jane to me, so I added the shirt underneath, with the bottom of it and the collar showing. 

My camera battery died on me = no collar close-up :(

To keep the collar juxtaposition as the main feature, I put the usual hijab aside and rocked the "African Headwrap" instead.

To balance out the figure, I paired it with a straight-lined skirt.

Shoes are in a suede-inspired fabric. I picked this particular cross-body bag, because it had similar fabric and I liked the suede/leather contrast.


Hope you enjoyed, see you :)


Haute Muslimah said...

But LOVE the shoes and bag missy!
Sorry I haven't been to your blog in ages! I've missed it :)

MsDieynaba said...

@ Asma: I've missed you too :)