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It's been ages since I blogged about beauty products - I'm actually wondering if I've ever blogged about beauty products, to be honest :) When it comes to cosmetics, things are pretty much straightforward: I buy it, try it out, keep it or toss it. Also, when I like a product, I tend to stick with it, so there is little room for discovery or experimentation. However, a few weeks ago, a few products have piqued my interest, and they turned out to be so awesome that I want to share them with you :)


This is Embryolisse's infamous Lait-Crème Concentré face moisturizer. I first got introduced to it by Pixiwoo sisters Sam & Nic a few years ago, but it really got my attention when several YouTube gurus were literally raving over it. I bought it and was curious to see how it'd compare to the Sephora moisturizer that I was using and which left me satisfied. Let me tell you, as soon as I applied it, my skin turned into silky, buttery, baby-soft smoothness! It moisturizes the dryest parts of my face as well the rest of it, doesn't leave it greasy, and serves as a great base for makeup. However, the aluminum/foil packaging isn't the nicest to the touch, or the most convenient. Also, the opening of the tube is a bit too wide, which can cause leakage. Still, the benefits override the downsides, this is a good product, affordable and efficient :)


Onto Nivea's Lait Corps Sous La Douche! I'm the type of person who has to moisturize after each and every shower. Even though there are many benefits to the practice, it can be a hassle, especially when you're trying to go about your day. This is why this particular moisturizer caught my attention: it's a rinse-out moisturizer, after you shower, you apply it like you would a regular lotion and rinse it out. Et voilà! You get out of the shower clean and moisturized! I have something to point out though: it comes in a 250ml/8,5oz bottle and retails for 4,20/$6. For that price, I'd expect to have more product. Plus, the small amount doesn't make it such a convenient product to use on the long run, since you have to either repurchase very often or buy a ton of bottles to stock up on. Despite this, I still think this is a smart initiative and I'm on the lookout for cheaper, better alternatives :)


This one is my own little concoction :) I came up with this when I was looking for a new cuticle cream to replace my beloved Seche Vite Cuticle Cream and I didn't really want to spend money on nailcare. I looked into my natural product stash and picked Shea butter, an olive oil/castor oil mix and lemon, which respectively have moisturizing, growth-promoting, and whitening properties. I mixed the ingredients according to the following ratio: 1/3 Shea butter + 1/3 oil mix + 1/3 lemon. I pop a liberal amount of the mixture over the nail and cuticle area before bed, and wake up to nourished, healthy-looking nails :) Overtime, they got stronger, whiter and grew faster. I also noticed that my cuticles are finally acting right, which is great!


Last but not least: water! Of course, I haven't just dicovered water, but I neglected it for a while. My skin let me know right away, it looked dry, rough, uneven, nothing cute! I started eliminating potential causes for the problem, and realized that, lo and behold, I was drinking little to no water! I know its role in moisturizing the skin is being questioned, but I do think it's very beneficial to my overall health, and to my skin, in particular. This episode reminded me of the importance to take care of ourselves internally, you'll have a hard time having/maintaining good skin if you neglect healthy foods, proper hydration, exercise, and sleep, no matter how many fancy, expensive potions you use. So, I went back to H2O, and all went back to normal ^^

That's all, folks! Let me know what products you've been digging these days, I'd love to hear it :)

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