My Hectic Life Survival Guide

Pray + make dhikr
Get things ready for tomorrow
Wake up
Send job applications
Get things ready for tomorrow
Go to work
Pray + make dhikr

The list goes on and on. Work, daily chores, occasional tasks, urgent things, important stuff. So much to do in such little time. Co-workers, family, relatives, friends, social network... These are all beautiful blessings, but sometimes, it all piles up, and we get absorbed in these getting-things-done cycles to the point of exhaustion. Sometimes, the fatigue is so intense, we just want to run as far away as we can with food and blankets as our only companions.

These past few months have been intense. I work in a fast-paced environment, although I'm happy to be a part of it, I definitely had to adjust to the new changes in my life. Here's my survival guide, or a few tips to keep your body, mind and spirit sane through intense moments.

1. Less time = less things you can do. This might be obvious, but it's a good thing to remind ourselves of. The less time you have, the less things you'll be able to do. This is a very mathematical, logical fact that our inner perfectionnists do not like to hear. I find it more efficient and fulfilling to dedicate fully to three tasks than diving in a zillion projects that will give me less-than-great results and major headaches.

2. Proritize. In order to decide what are those three activities you're going to carry through, you need to figure out which matter the most. For me, the biggest thing in terms of time and energy is work. Of course, the deen is a priority as well. Another thing I wanted to focus on was getting my driving license, which I'm working towards, and once it's out of the way inshaAllah, I can tick it off and work on something else. This way, I make sure I go through the thing till it's done, and knowing that I have other cool projects waiting for me pushes me even more!

3. Be organized. In order for you to master hectic life, you have to organize it! Calendar, agenda, software, app, pick the tool you find most convenient. My weapon of choice is a good ole sheet of paper I make a weekly to-do list with and allocate tasks for each day. Seeing my whole week laid out before me gives me a feeling of serenity, control, and achievement, because there's nothing like ticking things off :).

4. Go easy on the mind. We all have things in mind. Memories, worries, random thoughts, imagination. When we have a lot on our plate, our brain has a lot more to process. The mind, like the body, is trying to adapt. My mind was already fast-paced before, it became even more intense. So I've quickly learned the importance of getting rid of the stressin'. Practice makes perfect here, but the less I give in to these thoughts, the more relaxed I feel.

5. Don't neglect the body. #1 tip from this article. Your body is the vehicle that will allow you to carry out your tasks, so it is critical that you take care of it. Give it the healthy, nutritious food that will fuel it for the day. Rest is so important, make sure you get as much as you can/need. Exercise is a great way to keep the body energized and release pressure. To look presentable, a fresh face and casual clothes will give you that effortlessly, cute look.

6. Don't forget your goals. I find that once you're accustomed to a busy cycle, it's hard to get out of it. That's when you need to remember why you got here in the first place. For instance, the job I'm currently at is not my ultimate, dream position, but it's a step towards my dream career. So while I go through this phase, I keep my eyes on the prize. That allows me to stay positive and focused.

7. Look at the bigger picture. Remember: after it's all said and done, this life is only temporary. So, this hectic time in your life is just a temporary moment in another temporary moment. It might just seem like total chaos now, but nothing is devoid of meaning nor purpose. Just go with the flow, rely on Allah SWT, and see your life fall back into place, inshaAllah.

If all esle fails, we still have Bobby McFerrin :)

What are your tips to survive hectic moments?

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