2015 Ramadan Recap + Trip To Fes

Sorry I'm late! And for a valid reason, not that they weren't the other times: my computer died on me, so blame it on computer woes! Allow me to say that I missed our chit-chats, it does feel great to be back. :)

Man, how time flies, it literally took me days to realize that Ramadan was over! The more I think about it, the more I appreciate its beauty. Done right, it's such an organic, simple, fulfilling way of life. :)

I hope your fasting went great, and that you've accomplished all the goals you've set for yourselves. As for me, it went fine. As a Ramadan reading, I ended up picking Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami's Futuwah. Translated by Faouzi Skali, this treaty covers the ethics and practices of Medieval spiritual chivalry. The basic message is, serve God through the creation. Very beneficial read indeed!

Apart from that, I haven't had much time to dedicate to my Arabic, but the few times I opened my books, I was pretty focused. Also, I recollected memories easily, so that definitely made me want to pursue my efforts. :)

Insect-wise, I still can't be proclaimed defender of bees and butterflies yet, but I'm working on it. :)

This Ramadan, not only have I been able to travel, but I've been to an amazing place, Fes, Morocco! I went with my parents during the last week of the month. Since we were there for a few days, we only stayed in the old city. I'd love to explore the city more next time I go inshaAllah. From the people, to the history, to the landscape, to the spirituality, Fes is just all round magical, eternal, and blessed.

Being the music fan that I am, you know I had to come up with a baby Fasi playlist!
1. U2 - Magnificent
2. Ali - Doux et Puissant
3. Ali - Suprême Mélodie
4. Chants Soufi de Syrie - at-Taraqqi
5. Baraka Blue - Love & Light
6. Abd al Malik & Wallen - Raconte-Moi Madagh

Vid shot in Fes!

Here's to more love in the eternal city!

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