Curb The Cold -- 3 Natural Ways To a Healthier Throat

Hey guys! Coming at you with a different kind of post that's health-related -- told you I was on a health kick!

Alhamdulillah, I'm not the kind to be sick often -- except for today, the irony T_T. My problem is, sore throats. Not deadly, but definitely annoying. 

Over time, I've found natural, cheap ways to deal with it. These are techniques and products you might have heard of. Don't sleep on those products you have laying around the house, they might help you skip a visit to the doctor!

1. Oil pulling. I initially used this Ayurvedic ritual to get whiter teeth and better overall hygiene. However, I found extra benefits to this technique. I noticed that it also allowed you to release anything sitting in your throat. It may sound gross, but it's best to have it out than in, especially when you're congested. Trust, when it comes to bacteria and all kinds of gunks, release is bliss!

2. Royal jelly. A regal name for a regal food. Designed for baby queen bees, it is packed with healthy, revitalizing, immune system-boosting nutrients. I originally used it on my skin, but after waking up with early flu signs, I gave it a go as a medecine. I literally scooped a teaspoon of royal jelly, and shoved it down my throat. I kept up with it for a day, two, and by day three, the soreness was completely gone! This jar sitting on the shelf actually worked better than other prescription medecines I've tried in the past. All hail, royal jelly!

3. Honey. I raved about honey and how good it has been to my skin. Well, it's just as good for your health. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties make it a perfect remedy against cold sores. There are a billion to choose from, but going raw, creamy and organic is the best option if you want to get the most nutrients. I use a teaspoon right after oil pulling, making sure the throat is nice and coated, and I'm good to go!

What homemade remedies do you use?

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