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This post is going to be about Janelle Monae.

I love her music. I find it to be really original and different, I don't think you can even classify it. It's like a breath of fresh air, and the music industry is in DIRE need of it! It's so hard nowadays to find quality songs without trashy lyrics and crappy, overheard music. So Mach'Allah=)

 Amazing features, great makeup, great song^^

I like her style, which I find very interesting. She rocks that rockabilly look in a smart way I think. The clothes may seem tomboyish, but you can notice the cuts are feminine, it's not overdone either. So she has the 5O's look without looking like a pin-up, which is something we've seen for a while now.

Something I noticed is that she is quite modest. Everytime I saw her, her whole body was covered, her shirt collar even goes to her neck. This is great for hijabis, especially for me, since I'm currently looking for a way to wear hijab with shirts with the collar showing AND without it looking dorky=)

Here are a few looks that I find cute and work appropriate (you might want to let go of the bow-tie though)

I like that classic black & white ensemble.
This could be easily hijabified with a black blazer and/or pants that are looser at the crotch area.

Again, classic colors with edgy cuts.
You can emulate that look with a shirt that has volume at the shoulders and a high-wasted skirt.

YAY! This outfit is 100% hijabi-friendly: loose pants, long blazer=)

If you want to replicate that look, check out HauteMuslimah's menswear blog post

Great music, great style...long live Janelle=)

And the girl can rhyme... What more can you ask for?

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Haute Muslimah said...

Ah, I just noticed a link to my blog.. how lovely! Thank you :)

MsDieynaba said...

@ Haute Muslimah: No, thank you, I love your posts, very interesting and insightful^^