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It's been a while since I last posted. I've been trying to find a good thing to blog about, hopefully this post will be useful to someone out there=)

Since I started covering, I thought about what to wear in the summer. I was born and raised in France, where the weather is -or was before global warming- moderately cold in the winter and moderately hot in the summer.

I've never been a huge fan of the summer heat, the temperature rises of a few degrees and I don't know what to do with myself. I felt like I was melting in tank tops and camis, and these are definitely not a hijabi option. So I thought about how to stay modest, cute and fresh in the warmer season. Here's my strategy...

1. Avoid synthetic fabrics. They are not really pleasant to wear and promote sweat. Fabrics such as cotton are comfortable and allow the skin to breathe.

2. Avoid layering. This is the toughest thing for a hijabi, but wearing one or two pieces, i. e. top + pants/skirts, definitely helps putting off the heat.

3. Pick light colors. We all know that lighter colors reflect light and darker tones absorb it, but how many of us pick the cute black top from our wardrobe and regret it as soon as we head out? Say coolness over style!

4. Keep the makeup very light. I'd focus on keeping the face matte, using a mattifying mosturizer and powder. Use a tiny amount, the last thing you want is your makeup to melt off my face.

5. Armpit maintenance pt I (how classy does that sound LOL). Just a reminder, this might not sound delicate, but, yes, ladies sweat. In order to keep off/minimize sweat and bad smell, make sure all hair is removed, as hair traps in bacteria proliferation, thus promoting bad odors. This is a sunnah, and it is actually makruh (disliked) not to do it over a long period of time.

6. Armpit maintenance pt II (I just can't get over the title hehe). Find yourself a good deodorant system. You can use manufactured ones; nowadays, I tend to put aside drugstore toiletries and use natural products. Try lemon juice, alum rock (an anti-perspirant), talc/baby powder, etc. You will not be disappointed!

For my French-speaking ladies, find a few more tips here.

A few breezy, heat-free styles I might rock this summer...

Maxi dress + jacket/vest

Jacket/vest + maxi skirt

Tunic + pants

Lightweight shirt + flowy pants

Traditional clothing
I'm no Pakistani, but I have to say that Shalwar kameez are fiyah!

Images are from hypeed.com, themayamall.com, maysaa.com, fashionclothingtoday.com

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