My Hijab Story=)

Mauritanian ladies rocking the milhafa


In this blog post, I will cover Youtube's tag. I saw fellow blogger A Convert's Life did it, so I thought I'll give it a shot. Here we go=)

How old were you when you started wearing the hijab?
What or who influenced you to become a hijabi?
The main reason why I became a hijabi was because I realized it was 'mandatory'. I mean, I always kinda knew that it was, I guess I was ignorant or too scared to admit it was.

Oh yeah, in case someone even wonders, no one made me wear it LOL

 How has hijab changed your life?
In a way, hijab is the sign of a change on the inward. When I considered covering, I was praying and fasting regularly, so to me it was time to go to the next step, which dealt with the attire. I've always been conservative and pretty modest anyways, but wearing a hijab is more than wearing  loose clothes.

Hijab has changed my life. I try to act Islamically, especially when I'm outside, because I'm identified as a Muslim, and if I don't behave, I know people will think: 'Oh these Muslims!' Honestly, this is not different from being black. People will always jump to conclusions anyways!

What does hijab mean to you? 
Hijab means courage, decency, self-respect, pride, humility before Allah.
How do you deal with the rude comments/stares you get due to being a hijabi?
I have a bad habit: I hate when strangers look at me, so if they stare, I'll stare. And I've always been told that I give people that evil, mean look, when it's not even on purpose. Now that I cover, I guess I get more stares LOL, I try not to pay attention, because one stare may lead to another, and arguments can happen, then it can escalate into something crazy. I guess if someone really stares hard, I'll frown and go in the opposite direction.
What is your favorite thing about wearing the hijab?
My favourite thing is not worrying about men looking at me. As mentioned above, I don't like stares, and it's even worse when it comes from men. I've witnessed the headturning, catcalling andd all that crap at a very early age, and I've always HATED it. So alhamdulillah for that! And if a man tries to throw one of his sick lines at me, then he's either stupid or sick=)

I find men are more respectful and courteous, they keep their distances, which is good, I don't need over-familiarity coming from random strangers.
What is your hijab must have accessory?
My must-haves are underscarves, because I have a lot of hair to cover! Also pins, which I just bought today, I'm sick of my hijab styles being all over the place!
What advice could you give a newbie hijabi?
First of all, make sure you do it for Allah (SWT), don't do it to fit in or just because it's flattering, do it to obey Allah's command. Also, be brave and courageous, you may find that close relatives mock you, discourage you from wearing it, that some friends aren't supportive at all, that non-Muslims are rude to you, that the media likes to portray girls/women that cover as backward, oppressed and unsophisticated. Thirdly, find yourself a support group, with people that care about you and that will help reaching your goal. 

Finally, use all the resources that are on the Internet, a lot of ladies have shown that hijab doesn't mean looking ugly and unpolished. Check out YouTube, Blogger, there are tons of them and they are very useful mash'Allah=)

What is one hijab trend you never understood?
I don't want to point out any hijab trend, some practices might seem strange to me, but I don't know people or their intentions so I'll pass=)

What question do you get asked the most due to wearing the hijab?
'Why are you wearing it?'
'Were you forced to wear it?' T_T Oh boy!

Any comments, questions, feel free^^

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