Ramblings + Musical Crush


I hope everyone's doing great.

I've been feeling kinda blue lately. I just can't seem to find me a job, I've been on the hunt for 7 months now and I did not find anything. 7 months and not one job interview, not even a tiny, jacked up one. And of course, there's no dinero, so I spend most of my time at home, trying to get busy doing a few things here and there. I'm sick of it, I think I'm past the disapointment phase, now I'm just indifferent, doing things like I'm MsRoboto.

I guess Allah is trying to give me a lesson in patience. I know He's the Provider, and whatever I'm supposed to have, I'll have, but how long is it going to take? Will I ever find my dream job? Allah u alam.

I've been listening to this song these days. This is the Shakira that I like, rock and raw, instead of barbified and all. The song's good, the music's fine and the lyrics are beautiful. They kinda cheer me up.

Y un dia despues de la tormenta
cuando menos piensas sale el sol
de tanto sumar, pierdes la cuenta
porque uno y uno no siempre son dos
cuando menos piensas, sale el sol


coco said...

salaams, don't worry your not the only one!!! I'm also looking for a job, it's not easy as a Muslim who is covered, you are always getting judged purely on looks!

Inshallah you will get what is ur nasib (me too!)

Lovely song even if I dont understand a word of it!!


MsDieynaba said...

Yeah, well it's a pain in the butt! The worst is that I haven't been contacted for an interview, not once! How can I convince them when I can't even talk to a real person?

But I'm trying to be patient, let Allah do His job=)

The song is about a difficult relationship, but in the chorus she says that no matter how had things get, when expect it the least, the sun will rise.

MsDieynaba said...

See, just to prove her point, I was contacted yesterday for a job interview, alhamdulillah=)

coco said...

subhanallah!!! Did you get the job?

MsDieynaba said...

Actually, I had 3! I don't yet if any of these will work out or not.