Salam ladies=)

This is another OOTD. I went to the 28th Annual French Muslims' Meeting, which took place the past weekend. It showcased anything Islamic-related, from halal food to Muslim charity organizations to modest clothing (yes, I did pick two scarves=). 

There were also conferences and debates, during which scholars and specialists addressed key issues. Tariq Ramadan was there, I attended the 'Islam in France' debate he took part in, very eloquent and to the point, as usual=)

It was a hot, sunny day, and I knew there would be walking involved, so I chose a light and comfy outfit. Also, I wanted someting colorful and spring-like=)

Long sleeve tee, linen pants

Long-sleeved white tees are a staple, especially for hijabis: they go with almost everything and provide covearge for the upper body, and the rear-end too sometimes -- this is the case with this shirt. I also recommend linen pants for the summer, the fabric allows the skin to breathe and they're usually looser that other pants, which makes life easier for us=)

The shape and color of the clothes were pretty basic, I chose colorful accesories to make the outfit a little more interesting.

Tan cross body bag, sandals and scarf

I needed bright accents for this outfit, and these sandals gave me just that.I got them from an aunt who wanted to throw them away, like seriously! I think she bought them from an Indian store. I think the price is much cheaper than the actual quality. The colors are vibrant, and the soles are sturdy and thick, which is a good sign that they'll last me a long time Inch'Allah. I added this scarf because I thought the hue would compliment the colors on the sandals, and the bag to match the tan and gold of the shoes.

 Shoe close-up =)


lamia said...

I love your indian shoes =)

MsDieynaba said...

Aww thank you=)