OOTD -- Visiting fam

Blue/green long-sleeve shirt, taupe waterfall cardi, jeans, tan belt and cream scarf

Brown bag and tan flats

Here's one of my favorite outfits, it's so casual, so my style=) 

The weather was wonderful that day, so the last thing I wanted was tight, uncomfy clothes. I picked  up my blue/green shirt, very light, opaque AND long- too bad it's not a little looser though- on which I threw my waterfall cardi, which is great for modesty, since waterfall distracts the eye from the bodyshape. I added the belt and wore it around the waist just to add some structure to the outfit. Since I wanted to go for a warm-undertoned outfit, I chose the bag and flats that are on the picture plus my cream scarf=)

That day, I went to say hi to my mother's friend, whose 29-year-old son has passed away 4 months ago from SCD. Since then, she's not okay, but a more serene and calm now, my family and I try to come over as often as we can and try to get her mind off of negative thoughts. May Allah have mercy on Ismaila's poor soul and accept him into Janna, may He relieve the pain and aching of his mother, ameen.

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