Musical Crush


This is my 30th blog post YAAY!!!

MsDieynaba here with another music-related post=) MsDieynaba is not feeling like job-seeking these days, so you might get lots of posts coming in this week!

This post will be about Ryan Leslie. I've been listening to his music for a few years now, and I've stumbled across a few of his songs today. Boy, how I love re-discovering good music! I just found out that he's a very smart person, he actually graduated from Harvard. What I did know though, is that music wise, he's a real genius. He plays at least 5 instruments and has developed an amazing sense of music. 

He's definitely got skills. His beats are innovative but not too crazy either, it's fresh and good, just what today's R&B needs, instead of these soulless, overheard tunes we get. Oh, and the vocals aren't bad either^^

Comment if you like the French at the beginning hehe

This makes me want to dance so bad!

A genius I tell ya!

Please listen, and if you don't nod your head for even one sec, then there's nothing music can do for you! Okay, a little too dramatic, I'm just playin' =D

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