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Long time, no post, I know, but I'm having some guests coming over for the holidays, that's why I've pushed my little bloggie aside!

As most of you must know, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment. When I got the news, I was shocked! You might think I was being naive, everyone knew she had issues, but I always thought she would somehow overcome her problems and make a come-back. 

She was so talented, she brought soul back to the game and inspired many other artists. Her music definitely was different from what was/is aired, so soulful and real. Such a shame.

 Cruel irony :'(

 One of the rare cheerful songs she performed

This week, I also saw that Chris Brown also decided to pay tribute to MJ. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of his, but I have to say that the song's good. It's halfway between SWV's Right Here and Michael's Human Nature, but with a modern twist. The video is cool, the moves are 90's, which I love=) Slightly cheesy lyrics, but hey, it's a regular 2011 R&B song LOL!

Don't you just like his outfit at 2:51?

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