My First Year As A Hijabi


I know it's been a while, but I've been pretty busy these days! Apologies!

I noticed just the other day that this year marked my first hijab anniversary! I'm exicted, the year happened so fast, it just flew by=) I thought this deserved a little something, so I'd thought I'd share my experience of hijab, from the thinking to the clothing!

A year ago, I was considering covering. I don't even know how that came about, but it did. The first thing I did was making sure it was mandatory, I honestly don't think I would've worn it otherwise. Once this matter was settled, I started thinking.  A thousand questions ran through my mind. Am I really going to do that? What if people see me with it, what will they think of me, what would they say about me? What if no one wants to marry me? What I get sick of it and take it off? I contemplated, debated, gathered opinions here and there, went back and forth with it.

That is until I read a special section of the Prophet's Nightly Journey and Ascension- guess which LOL- and it was a wake-up call! A that very moment, I knew I was going to wear it, and that's what I did from that moment on.

Now, I've had all kinds of reactions to it. Some were surprisingly good, others were really bad. I could divide the remark-makers into two groups: those who encouraged me with kind words, and others always had stupid things to say to me. It just confirmed the opinion I had on them before hijab: it turned out that those I had a good opinion of were the ones who were happy with my decision, and from the others, I didn't expect much. I'm grateful to Allah SWT for showing me things and people as they really are.

Clothes-wise, the change was a little tough. I knew about HATC, Mademoiselle M and Hana Tajima, so I knew I could dress modestly while wearing clothes that I liked. I decided to reorganize my whole wardrobe, separating 'hijab clothes' and 'un-hijab clothes'. I tried to wear hijab-friendly oufits during the first months, since I didn't have long skirts or cardigans. Then, I gradually incorporated more scarves, skirts, and longer tops into my daily looks.

A few things I've noticed about me since hijab

1. I don't really like maxiskirts. LOL this might seem like hijabi blasphemy, but I actually find them to be a little unconveninent and unhygienic. I'd rather wear tunic and jeans.

2. Speaking of jeans, I like them too much to give them up, so that means I have to pack on longer tops and tunics=)

3. I feel brave enough to try anything. Bold colors, wearing several patterns at once, a turban-like hijab, different types of pants, anything.

4. I feel open enough to wear any traditional outfit. I would totally rock boubous, shalwar kameezes, abayas, and djellabas in the same week, as these styles are modest very beautiful=)

5. I'm getting fashion-savvy. I like to pick out magazines, watch the runways, check out the latest trends and get inspiration from them.

6. I'm making an extra effort when picking clothes. I put effort into an outfit, so that I look put together, and not like the 'poor little Muslim girl'.

7. The golden rule for an acceptable outfit for me is the combination of the three requirements: modesty + comfort + 'cuteness' -this might not be a word, but I'm sure you're used to these types of things now=)

8. I stopped worrying what people thought of me, I started thinking about what Allah SWT thought of me.

9. I stopped worrying about hijab preventing me from getting married. I realized that: a. I wanted respect from men; b. I wanted to get closer to Allah SWT; c. He SWT has His own plans; d. I wasn't going to postpone spiritual advancement because of what may hypothetically happen in the future.

10. I try to be kinder, more calm and collected, less arrogant and self-centered.

11. I love it when I meet sisters in hijab and we greet each other whole-heartedly. I was walking with a friend once, and there was a hijabi a few feet away from us, and as soon as she saw me, she started waving hands and all. It made my heart melt=)

12. I love it when I pass men's way and they look at me, not lustfully, but with a look saying: 'she's not to fool around with', and humbly lower their gaze.

13. It has become a part of me, I can't see myself without it.

May Allah help and protect all women, all our women, all our hijabis. May He accept all the hard work we do to get closer to Him. May He give us the strenght and courage to do and pursue our efforts in His worship. Ameen.

Thoughts? Comments? Feel like sharing your ow experience? Feel free to leave a comment=)

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