What I've Been Up To + OOTD


I know, no time, no blog! It's been ages, and I apologize for not posting anything for more than a month.

I swear I haven't had the time, I was actually busy WORKING^^ I did get a job, not exactly what I expected, but I'm learning new things, I can keep myself busy during the day, and I'm getting pesos! And if you didn't know, more $$$ = more clothes for me + more modest styles for you=)

On to the OOTD!

These days, I'm feeling like trying different things, different looks, and I happened to come across Wendy's video on layering:

I liked the idea of layering, the casual look it gave, so I'd tought I'd give it a shot!

 Long, white tank top, khaki shirt, grey sweater, straight-leg jeans

I went shopping that day, and I wanted something warm, convenient, and casual-looking, as usual. So I picked my trusted khaki shirt and grey sweater, which I've worn countless times separately, but never together. I liked the idea of a crisp white shirt peaking through- plus, I've heard that this would create a 'long white line' along the upper section of your body, making you look leaner :) I added straight leg jeans, and decided to add a belt to avoid a bulky look.

To give you an idea of the outfit with a little waist definition

Sneakers, taupe scarf, cross-body bag

I actually tried and wore this, but it wasn't as convenient as I originally thought, so I ended up ditching the belt and wearing the khaki shirt and sweater loose, which gave me more comfort and more room to breathe =)

This outfit didn't work as I'd thought, but hey, fashion is about experimenting! At least, I now know that layering AND adding a belt isn't my thing =p

Is there a look that you love on someone else, but not on you? Please let me know! 


Haute Muslimah said...

Love that you experiment! It's so important to try and see what works for you. I love the layering and the shoes you have in the photos :)

MsDieynaba said...

Thanks! But things didn't turn out as I thought they would LOL