Getting To Know Me Pt III -- 8 Random Things + A Surprise

Salam ladies!

I'm coming at you with a getting-to-know-me kinda post. The two previous parts to this series were fun, and I saw sister Asma came up with a similar one, so I knew I just had to try and think about something new to say LOL. So here are a few things about me =)

1. I could die for cheese! I love it in any type, shape and color! Can you tell how French I am? LOL

2. My sister is afraid of insects, so whenever she sees one, she turns into Godzilla, and I laugh like there's no tomorrow! Her freak-out dance is my favourite entertainment :D

3. My sister's also afraid of monkeys.The other day, she thought she saw one in a Paris train station. She screamed and ran for her life. Of course, the station was crowded, and her crazy reaction didn't go unnoticed. THEN, after all the drama, she found out the monkey was a dog. When she told me the whole story, I was laughing my hijab off!

4. I am slow, I literally move like molasses. When people need 5 minutes to do something, I'll use 10.

5. I'm not really into snacking- crisps, chocolate bars, cookies... I like 'real food'.

6. I'm loud. I like talking loud when I'm home, don't ask why. Neighbours might think I'm arguing when I'm just talking about how I'm going to rock such and such outfit.

7. I love grilled cheese sandwiches. It's crispy, tasty, and the melting cheese just make them perfect!

8. Whenever I want to buy something at the store and I head towards the checkout, I always hesitate between two lines, and I always end up being in the longest.

There you go, 8 random facts about me, don't judge!

Actually, there's a ninth thing that I could tell you about...

I'm not an ad type of person, but I love this one!


Haute Muslimah said...

You don't like snacking?!?! Lucky girl, I wish I didn't...:)

MsDieynaba said...

I mean, I like snacking, but without the snacks, I like bread and cheese snacks=)